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Jalandhar: Enlightening teachers with the implementation of multiple intelligences in everyday education, Mayor World School, in collaboration with Hubs of Learning, organized a three-day virtual workshop titled “Multiple Intelligences in Pedagogy”. The workshop was organized for teachers at upper primary, primary and pre-primary levels. Educators from six different schools in Jalandhar as part of Hubs of Learning enthusiastically participated in these exciting sessions. On the first day, Nidhi Bhambri, Department of Science, organized the workshop on “Sexual Reproduction in Plants”. She beautifully exhibited the multiple ways in which students’ conceptual understanding could be enhanced with multiple intelligences in mind. Day 2 witnessed an exciting session on the topic “Prepositions” by Shubhangi Khosla, Department of English. She exquisitely illustrated the use of multiple intelligences in the teaching methodology using hands-on and interactive activities. The third day was filled with dynamism and flamboyance as Preena Sablok of Mayor Galaxy beautifully taught the subject “Colors”, leaving the audience mesmerized by her spellbinding activities. Appreciating the effort, Vice President Neerza Mayor said such workshops help educators create a better learning environment for their students. Director Sarita Madhok, Director Harjeet Ghuman and Deputy Vice Principal Charu Trehan praised the zeal and fervor with which the interactive, fun and app-based sessions were conducted.

Critical Thinking Webinar

Hans Raj Mahila Maha Vidyalaya organized an online session on “Critical Thinking” initiated by the Institutional Innovation Council with inspiration from lead professor Ajay Sareen. The session began with the Gayatri Mantra recital. The President of the IIC, Dr Anjana Bhatia, welcomed the resource person Partap Rajput. Rajput started the session by reworking the design thinking process, which was followed by the concept of critical thinking. He described critical thinking as a process of developing the brain in such a way that people don’t just accept what comes their way, but rather question and come to a conclusion with evidence and facts. He also insisted on Albert Einstein’s theory that “we can never solve a problem with the same pattern of thought”. The what, why and how of critical thinking was also discussed along with the importance and uses of critical thinking. Students also learned about different stages of Journey in Critical Thinking. The concept was very well explained by an iPod example by Apple Company when a group of engineers showed Steve Bob a recently introduced very small iPod. Steve Bob threw the same in water and bubbles started to come out and he explained that if we remove the air inside we can make the size smaller. The director, Dr Ajay Sareen, congratulated the Innovation Cell institution on the success of the session. Navneeta introduced the vote of thanks and also moderated the session. TNS

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