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The Town of Winder hosted a three-day design workshop last week to gather public input on the master plans the town is developing for the downtown area and Rose Hill Cemetery.

The city contracted with Peachtree Corners-based engineering consultancy Pond and Company to lead the master plans, and urban designers, landscape architects and planners were at the Winder Community Center May 11-13 to gather public feedback on more specific elements that should be included in the final downtown master plan document that will be voted on by city council later this year.

“This plan will build on the current success of downtown Winder in developing consensus on a shared vision for the future that is both ambitious and realistic,” said Maddison Dean, city economic development manager. “It will also provide an implementation strategy with short, medium and long term measures to ensure that the downtown vision is realized over a 10 to 15 year horizon.

About 70 residents participated in a virtual meeting last month on the downtown master plan, and their feedback, along with that of an online survey, largely focused on continuing to grow the restaurant scene. downtown, preserving the historic elements of the area and creating more opportunities for family activities and improving pedestrian connectivity and traffic conditions, representatives of Pond and Company told the city council at the time. of a working session on April 29.

There were a handful of interactive public activities at the workshop last week, including segments where representatives from Pond and Company produced ‘real-time’ drawings and sketches to reflect what they heard. community members.

On the last day of the workshops, the organizers presented a “pin” of graphics and concepts illustrating what they heard throughout the week. This content will be further refined in the next phase of the planning process and will ultimately be incorporated into the final master plan document, which is expected to be voted on by city council in August.

In addition to the city center master plan, the public had the opportunity to contribute to the concomitant city-owned cemetery master plan, including specific times to visit the cemetery and speak with members of the project team. .

Representatives from Pond and the company said the goal was to make various improvements to the cemetery and connect it to the city center with a public park and a green space component.

“Community participation in the city center master planning process is important because it is ultimately the city plan to champion and implement with the support of residents, key stakeholders, investors. private and other partners, ”Dean said. “We thank those who were able to join us last week and hope you can join us at future fundraising events throughout this exciting process of envisioning the future of downtown Winder. “

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