Hunting undersized and undersized bighorn sheep has been an issue on the Wild Sheep Society of BC’s radar for some time, so now they hope to educate hunters.

An event is being held at Trench Brewing on Saturday April 23 and includes a seminar as well as a documentary.

“It’s important to us, it’s part of our mandate and part of our educational component. So we are having a seminar throughout the day on how to properly age sheep by a government official (Bill Jex) who is responsible for that,” said Kyle Stelter, executive director of the Wild Sheep Society of BC.

“We have a new movie that the Wild Sheep Society of BC has been doing, it’s called Transmission. It basically tells the story of wild sheep and domestic sheep, and some of the challenges that wild sheep face when it comes to disease.

The Wilds Sheep Society of British Columbia said Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae, or M.ovi for short, is a bacterium that can cause respiratory illnesses like pneumonia in wild and domestic sheep and goats.

Stelter said they will also have a meal available, a silent auction, a raffle, as well as a beer launched to help support wild sheep conservation.

He added that they may have a few tickets left for the event, which can be found on their website.