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The Victoria School Board held the first of several budget workshops on Thursday.

The board received a brief overview of Texas public school funding from the new district financial director Randy Meyer, who took office on May 3. He discussed how districts receive funding and how the budget is created each year at the regular council meeting.

No action was taken on the item.

Texas school districts receive funds from property taxes, state funds, and grants, which are typically federal funds.

In the Victoria School District, about 46% of the budget comes from property taxes, 47% from state and 7% from local revenues, such as football game sales, rental fees and donations, Meyer said. .

When developing the budget, district officials should also review student enrollments and potential incoming funds based on data from previous years.

“Everything we do is all about estimates,” Meyer said.

One of the business office’s most important estimates concerns student enrollment. The district is paid on the average daily student attendance, and district officials must estimate this average.

“We need the kids to come to school to get paid,” Meyer said. “The average daily attendance is very important. “

The council also looked at the House 3 bill and how it “reinvented” the funding of schools through tax cuts.

The board will approve three budgets later this year. These budgets include the general maintenance and operations budget as well as child nutrition and debt services, Meyer said.

Meyer will present another budget workshop in the coming weeks where the board will discuss the projection of costs for possible salary increases and student enrollment projections.

On August 5, the council will see a budget proposal and convene a public hearing, which is scheduled for August 19. The council will then set the district’s multi-million dollar budget and the new tax rate.

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