Trans Entertainment Guild Hosts First All-Trans Musical at Players Theater

The benefit series will include a staged concert reading of The Civility of Albert Cashier, which tells the story of the real transgender soldier of the Civil War.

As part of its 20-night benefit series, the Trans Entertainment Guild will hold reading concerts of the musical Civility by Albert Cashier from May 5 at 7 p.m.

The event will be one of the first showcases with a cast and creative team comprised entirely of expansive gender and transgender artists in New York theater history.

Created as part of a residency with Players Theatre, each evening will feature panel discussions, discussions, support sessions and other post-reading community events. Mika Kauffman, who recently completed a residency at the University of Minnesota Duluth for her musical, will direct the reading and lead the event. MAXA.

Civility by Albert Cashier tells the story of Albert DJ Cashier, a Union soldier during the American Civil War who was assigned female at birth and claimed her gender before enlisting. The folk/country musical features the music of trans singer/songwriter Coyote Joe Stevens, who has adapted several songs with GLAAD nominee Jay Paul Deratany and Emmy nominee Keaton Wooden.

Deratany designed and wrote the book for the show, which includes music by Stevens and Wooden as well as lyrics by Steven, Wooden and Deratany.

Proceeds from the event will go to trans artists and partner advocacy organizations. Trans Entertainment Guild is a recently founded arts advocacy group dedicated to improving working conditions for transgender and transgender entertainment professionals.

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