The RNTU organizes a seminar on international skills for green hydrogen

A one-day seminar was organized jointly under the aegis of the Center of Excellence “Tagore Institute of Rural Management” of Rabindranath Tagore University and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

The theme of the symposium is “International Competencies for Green Hydrogen”. As Chief Guest, Director of United Nations Environment Program Eric Solham, State Chairman of Bharatiya Janata Party, VD Sharma and as Special Guest Brand Ambassador Swachh Bharat Mission and State Vice President Nandita Pathak of Rabindranath Tagore University.

Chancellor Santosh Choubey Vice Chancellor of RNTU Prof. Brahm Prakash Pethia, CV Raman Khandwa University Vice Chancellor Arun Joshi, Indian Youth Founder Member Shailesh Singhal, Pedagogue Amitabh Saxena, RNTU Vice Chancellor Sangeeta Johri, Tagore Institute of Rural Management Manisha Pandey Special was prominent.

On this occasion, Eric Solheim spoke on the different dimensions of the current utility of Green Hydrogen. On the other hand, the main guest of the program, VD Sharma, said that in the current scenario, the environment, green hydrogen and green energy are an important issue of the world.

He said India’s rural culture is a boon for green energy. Rural culture has always worked to promote hydrogen energy and green energy. On this occasion, Sharma also appreciated Rabindranath Tagore University for its digital revolution.

Social entrepreneur Nandita Pathak praised this green energy movement of “Youth of India”. Along with this, he also talked about projects such as the Indian government’s National Clean Ganga Mission. Shailesh, a founding member of Youth for India, who was present at the program, said that Youth for India launched this youth mobilization program 45 days ago to connect young people around the world to this movement regarding the environment and the environment. ‘green energy.

During these 45 days, we interacted with young people from more than 62 countries. In this sequence, we come today among the young people of Bhopal and call on them to join this movement for green hydrogen. On this occasion, organic kits, organic sweets and bamboo-based materials, made by the Faculty of Agriculture of the University and the Tagore Institute of Rural Management were given to the guests as a gift of love.

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