The Constitutional Court of Russia withdraws from the Conference of European Constitutional Courts

As NATO and Western powers continue to economically isolate Russia through sanctions, companies take notice of their ties to the country and halt or modify their activities in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine .

Here are some of the companies that have recently announced that they are withdrawing from Russia:

General Electric suspended operations in Russia, the company said in a statement Wednesday.

John Deerethe world’s largest maker of agricultural equipment, halted shipments of its products to Russia two weeks ago, the company told CNN on Wednesday.

Amazon suspended access to Prime Video in Russia, and the e-commerce giant is no longer shipping retail orders to customers in Russia and Belarus, the company said Tuesday.

Papa John’s International announced on Wednesday the suspension of all the company’s operations in Russia. The company said it had ceased all operational, marketing and sales support and engagement with the Russian market. However, the Papa John’s brand will always exist in Russia.

British American Tobacco (BAT) said on Wednesday that it would continue to operate in Russia, but would suspend all planned investments in the country to focus on its portfolio of locally produced tobacco products.

hilton has closed its headquarters in Moscow and is suspending all new development activity in Russia, the hotel company announced on Wednesday. Hilton said it will “ensure continuity of work and compensation” for employees affected by the closure of its Moscow office. The company also announced that it is offering up to 1 million room nights to support Ukrainian refugees and humanitarian aid efforts across Europe.

Hyatt halts development in Russia and new investment there after the invasion of Ukraine, the hotel company told CNN in a statement on Wednesday.

3M halted its operations in Russia, the post-it note maker said in a statement to CNN.

Tourbillon, one of the world’s largest home appliance makers, told CNN the company is limiting production in Russia and has suspended sales operations in Ukraine. Whirlpool did not say to what extent its Russian business will be sidelined.

A full list of companies and industries withdrawing from Russia is available here.

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