The Bigfoot Conference will be held in Lower Michigan this summer

Hunters across the state have claimed to see humanoid Bigfoot-like creatures existing in the Michigan wilderness — enough to create an annual Bigfoot Conference, hosted by the Michigan-based podcast “Hide and Seek Archives.”

The 2022 Michigan Bigfoot Conference is coming to the city of Chelsea where Bigfoot enthusiasts will gather at the Village Conference Center from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday, July 30.

In addition to the sasquatch, topics will include UFOs and other cryptozoological animals like the Mothman, Chupacabra and the Gobi Desert Mongolian Death Worm.

Several vendors will be on hand with all sorts of paranormal items available like books, local art, t-shirts and something called a Bigfoot Field Casting Kit, a “portable science tool for the sasquatch hunter. “.

According to conference organizers, there will also be a silent auction, a “wooping contest” and a cash bar.

Conference tickets are available here. General admission to the conference is $45 and VIP admission is $100. According to the description of the event on Facebook, 36 people are attending and 227 are interested at the time of publication.

For more information, contact the hosts of the “Hide and Seek Archives” podcast here or email [email protected]

In general, Bigfoot is described as covered in fur, standing 8 feet or taller, walking upright, making only fleeting appearances in eyewitness accounts, blurry photos and numerous shaky videos, according to Detroit Free Press reports.

Some people think it is a close relative of humans, something between man and ape with special characteristics, like sometimes leaving woven stick gifts for owners near its habitat in exchange for things like marbles. It is said to communicate by howling or banging sticks on trees. And it stinks, according to reports from the Detroit Free Press.

The hosts of the “Hide and Seek Archives” talk and podcast and others featured on the show say there is ample evidence that a number of these legendary humanoid creatures exist in the dense forests of Michigan. For example, Bigfoot researcher Mike Paterson said they had left marbles in his car before and tended to “choose who they showed up to” on the podcast.

Concrete proof, however, continues to be difficult to come by. A body of Bigfoot was never found.

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