The Artens seminar on the communication of culture with Aris Asproulis starts on January 12

ATHENS – Using communication technologies and taking all appropriate protective measures, the 22-hour Communication of Culture masterclass offered to Artens by the sociologist, playwright and director of communication and promotion of the art theater Karolos Koun Aris Asproulis, takes place this year in the Artens Seminars buildings, 40 Voukourestiou in Kolonaki in Athens, while being broadcast online to those who wish to participate in their own space.

The course consists of 11 classes starting Wednesday, January 12, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Athens time, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EST. Register online:

The course focuses on theoretical approaches and practical issues, work tools and communication techniques, providing interested persons with the appropriate empirical keys to understanding how a cultural event is communicated (a work of art, an artist, a artistic action, an artistic institution / organization). The objective is that the participants have a complete vision of the way in which the communication of a cultural event is built from start to finish: from the construction of the news and the creation of the image-identity, to the writing. from the press release, to setting up the photography and editing the images, finding communication sponsors, booking interviews, etc.

The questions addressed are: How do we shape the “body” of an email to make it appealing to the recipient? How are interviews, tributes, presentations booked? How to organize a successful photoshoot? What is the difference between a video teaser and a video trailer? What should you watch out for when recording a radio spot? Are there “target groups” or “reference groups” in reports on cultural issues? Who are the “other important people” who shape trends and views? What are the essential differences between marketing, promotion, communication and advertising?

In order to answer the above questions and others in depth, tangible examples will be given through literature, Greek and international, but also from a large private collection of audiovisual communication material that will be studied during the course. classes.

The way in which the concepts presented in the seminar are discussed is governed by the principles of a “critical approach” to the entertainment industry and how it relates to the development of broader cultural policies. The key parameters of the analysis are: the aesthetic question in relation to the urban landscape and the psychology of people, the specificity of the cultural good as a product for sale, the interaction of communication with the parts of an organization which create a cultural product (such as the production department, artistic direction, etc.), the power of images created by media – and in particular new media (such as ‘social media’), and the recognition that the relationship between audience / artists / production / advertising creates a predominantly irrational market in the cultural space, which must be taken into account in any action and analysis concerning cultural communication.

During the last hour of the course, a special guest from the field of culture will share his experience to illuminate aspects of cultural communication that are considered useful for the full understanding of the concepts and practices developed in the course.

The guests in Greek alphabetical order are: Irini Valla – specialist architect / interior designer engineer;

George Lykiardopoulos – Theater producer and founder of the Lykofos cultural organization; Katerina Berdeka – Production manager and director; Konstantinos Bibis – Actor; Vasilis Paleologos – Actor; Giannis Pantazopoulos – Journalist / LIFO; Orestis Tatsis – Director.

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