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THE CITY OF PELL — The office of U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville hosted a grants workshop to help St. Clair County municipalities and nonprofits Monday morning in Pell City.

Tuberville Regional Director Mike Raita and Grants and Special Projects Coordinator Patty Etheridge hosted the workshop as part of the Tuberville office’s satellite office hours held Monday in Talladega Counties and St. Clair. Raita said he and Etheridge would host a similar workshop at the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in Lincoln.

The St. Clair County event was coordinated by Riverside Mayor Rusty Jessup and the St. Clair County Mayors Association and hosted by the Town of Pell City.

Raita said the workshops are part of the senator’s mission to support Alabama in any way possible.

“There’s so much federal money flowing through the system now that (Tuberville) wants to make sure Alabama gets its share and in some cases we’d like to get more than our share,” he said. .

Raita said small, rural communities like Talladega and St. Clair County may not have the resources that other municipalities have, so it’s important for them to have all the information they can.

Raita and Etheridge were joined by Jessica Taylor, who runs a company called Simple Grants, and Calvin Burroughs of the US Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, who each walked through different opportunities and ways to navigate grant applications.

Etheridge started the seminar by handing out a package of some of the grants already available at this time. She also informed the organizations of the various websites they could access for grant opportunities. Etheridge said she understands local organizations are in dire need of grants to help with big projects. She said it was her job to help make that happen.

“My goal is to teach everyone, don’t hesitate about anything,” Etheridge said. “If you need any help, I’ll help you all any way I can. Anything we can do to get more money back to our state.

She said ensuring that happens is a priority for Tuberville and her staff.

After an introduction by Etheridge, the workshop had a talk by Burroughs and Taylor which examined the opportunities of the USDA and the recent Bipartisan Infrastructure Act respectively.

Taylor also explained how cities should be on the lookout for subsidies and be sure to check out applicable regulations.

The workshop ended with a question and answer segment allowing attendees to pose questions to Etheridge and Taylor on topics such as grant payment timelines, project implementation, and even programs that cities must examine.

Jessup said the event brought together representatives from every town in St. Clair County except Ashville, as well as several nonprofit organizations. He also stressed the importance of making sure towns like Riverside and many other rural communities in St. Clair County have access to good grant information.

“We are very dependent on grants,” Jessup said. “We rely on federal and state grants. We are always looking for opportunities. »

The mayor said he specifically wanted to look at the Rebuilding America with Sustainability and Equity, or RAISE, program which is part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure package. He said with all the residential growth Riverside is currently going through, the city needs to consider improving roads throughout the city. During the Q&A portion of the workshop, Jessup even asked about the program and what the minimum funding level was for it.

Pell City Manager Brian Muenger said he was eager for the chance to meet Tuberville staff and hear what they see with the increase in grant funding in recent years.

“It was just a nice preview of some new stuff and a refresher of some of the existing stuff that we have,” he said.

Muenger also said it was nice to have such good attendance at the workshop.

“At the end of the day, we want to see everyone succeed in St. Clair County,” he said, “and a big part of that is getting grants successfully and leveraging the resources that You have.”

Taylor Mitchell is a Daily Home reporter covering Pell City.

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