SEC coaches have mixed feelings about conference expansion

ATLANTA, Ga. (KBTX) — Last summer, the SEC kicked off the latest phase of college football: realignment, expansion, and more. After hearing from Commissioner Greg Sanky and other coaches in Atlanta last week, there are mixed emotions about the future of college football.

“The Southeastern Conference is stronger now than at any time in our history,” Sankey said earlier this week.

Blue-blooded footballers from Texas and Oklahoma applied to join the Southeastern Conference last season, an explosive move that rocked the rest of college football.

“There are going to be super-conferences and there are going to be when the music stops, there are not enough chairs for everyone,” said former LSU head coach Brian Kelly . “Then the rest takes shape from there, that’s the reality of college football.”

Other conferences have since joined the expansion trend, including the Big Ten adding UCLA and USC this summer. The latest move in the sport doesn’t let all coaches think it’s a good thing.

“I think for the rivalries to be broken down and for people who have been in conferences for so long, like these big four teams, obviously it’s about the money and if it wasn’t about the money , they wouldn’t.” said Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin. “I don’t think it’s really good for college football history.”

Right now, Sankey says the SEC is comfortable with its 16 schools, but still keeps tabs on what’s happening around it and in other conferences.

“We’re comfortable with 16. There’s no sense of urgency, no sense of panic,” exclaimed Sankey. “We’re not just aiming for a number or affiliations that make us better, could they be there? I would never say they are not.

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