Santa Clara County Launches Virtual Workshops Seeking Community Ideas About Housing Needs

Santa Clara County has launched the Housing Element Update 2023-2031, to guide housing construction and planning in unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County for the next eight years.

A series of community outreach events have been planned and people are invited to share their opinions and participate in the process.

Community engagement will include a series of public meetings held between July and September, which began with the first workshop today, July 6.

Each workshop will be held virtually and will focus on rural or urban housing needs. Inquiries regarding the process can be emailed via the Housing Element Website.

“We urge everyone to share their insights and take advantage of the many community sessions,” County Planning and Development Director Jacqueline R. Onciano said. “Policies developed from this plan will cover a wide range of housing challenges. People’s feedback will help guide the work of our service as we shape the housing component to reflect the needs of the community.

“We invite the public to get involved in planning for housing needs in our county,” Board of Supervisors Chairman Mike Wasserman said. “People who care about low-income housing, housing subsidies, building shelters and a host of other housing issues should be involved in the process.”

HCounty staff working on the housing component will conduct a housing needs assessment, prepare an inventory of available sites that are zoned for housing development, analyze governmental and non-governmental constraints, and develop housing policies and programs. lodging.

The housing element must be updated on an eight-year cycle, as currently determined by the California Department of Housing and Community Development.

The Housing Elements Act requires local governments to plan adequately to meet their existing and anticipated housing needs. This includes the county’s share of the Regional Housing Needs Allocation, which is the state-required process to ensure cities and counties provide enough housing to accommodate all economic segments of the community.

The county’s current housing component, which was passed in 2015, extends to 2022.

Community members can learn more about the Housing Element, find meeting information, sign up to receive updates, and send inquiries to

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