Russell Westbrook leaves the press conference after a heated exchange with a journalist: “Do you have the answers for me?”

It’s been a frustrating season for the Lakers, and after Tuesday night’s loss to Dallas, Russell Westbrook made it clear he was completely out of answers.

During an exchange with a reporter during the post-match press conference, Russ got up and left the room after a particular exchange.

(by Harrison Faigen)

Russell Westbrook challenged a question and stood up and left the press conference, repeatedly asking “do you have the answers for me?” to a journalist.

As far as I know, the question that Russ challenged was about ranking. The reporter responded to Russ by saying “do you have the answers for me” with “I don’t play up there”, then the audio cut out when Russ stood up.

Some of the studio guys were able to contact the reporter and get his side of the story.

It was a weird and awkward moment, sure, but you can’t blame Westbrook for losing his temper. He was asked this question earlier this week and he didn’t have much to say either. Truth be told, no one can say for sure where things went wrong.

The Lakers were abysmal and Westbrook was the biggest scapegoat.

There has been growing pressure among many in the Los Angeles Lakers organization to demote nine-time All-Star Guard Russell Westbrook from the starting lineup, but so far coach Frank Vogel has resisted. to get him off the bench, sources told ESPN.

The coaching staff and Westbrook had different views on how best to use the 2017 NBA Most Valuable Player, and that partly explained some tense moments between Vogel and Westbrook over the past few days. including during a team film session on Friday, sources said. .

Things aren’t completely hopeless for the Lakeshow. Despite how bad things are, they still have a chance to sneak into the playoffs.

It will take a total and complete effort from the team, however, and probably a lot of luck too.

With the odds stacked against them and the walls tightening, the Lakers must feel all the pressure in the world to save this season. Unfortunately, whether or not they make the playoffs, they are unlikely to make it past the first round.

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