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Education in West Virginia is full of political controversy these days. The Governor of Justice has signed a bill authorizing the use of taxpayers’ money to “micro-schools” with very little regulation. The public is calling for the books to be banned and forbidding transgender athletes from participating in sports. Many parents doubt that schools can keep students safe if the number of local COVID cases increases and no health precautions may be required. Students have no way of maneuvering the world of e-learning at home if their families don’t have the internet. How to find common ground and honest answers? It’s time to look at the data and see what works.

The public is invited to attend Kump’s 12th Annual Educational Research Seminar on Wednesday, April 27 at the Kump Center. This event is an opportunity to take education politics out of our minds and examine the evidence that demonstrates that good teaching and learning behaviors are necessary for schools to succeed. If you want to meet us at 4:00 p.m. in the Kump Education Center learning lab, you can park behind our building or in the Kroger parking lot across the street. Please plan to wear a mask.

At Kump Education Center, we focus on what works “to promote student learning and enhance teacher excellence.” Ava Willis of Davis & Elkins College has taught second-grade students and her sample of teacher work analyzes how they learn to tell the time. This simple daily task requires an understanding of numbers and fractions that most second graders need to develop to function in their daily lives.

A student teacher at Davis & Elkins College, Katie Dixon has studied a variety of learning modalities. She worked with 5th grade science students on a project called ” Learning by doing “. She will explain how active engagement can enhance student learning during an outer space study unit.

A group of students in a teaching methods class will describe how they plan to deal with controversial topics like critical race theory in social studies. Future teachers must learn to help students develop critical thinking skills without pushing their own personal biases.

Two of the seminar presenters are D&E faculty. They will help us understand some of the important issues of teacher education in the 21st century. Dr. Danielle Riggins will discuss issues faced by teacher candidates during the transition of the teacher education program from a traditional student teaching model to one using a new co-teaching model of Virginia teacher education- Western. Part-time instructor Scott Biola will share his findings on progress in implementing digital instruction in lesson planning for D&E teacher trainees.

The emotional impact of two years of COVID-19-related anxiety and isolation is causing an epidemic of depression and an alarming rise in student suicides across the United States. Just being back in school does not necessarily reset the habits and behaviors of children and adolescents. We are seeking information from school counselors and local psychologists on the effects of the pandemic on student behavior in local schools.

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