PPP Loans Help Bryan-College Station Businesses Stay Afloat During Pandemic | Local News

“Right now that keeps us where we could actually make some real money,” said Mary Beckman.

Wade Beckman added, “If the sales continue to go the way they do, and we’re officially caught up on everything we owed when we were shut down, which we made up for by paying for that… this mate might have the potential to provide some of the lost income if sales stay where they are. “

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Mary Beckman said she has created a text and email messaging group with the owners of 27 local restaurants who communicate almost daily. One of those members is Aaron Curs, who co-owns All the King’s Men and Proudest Monkey restaurants in downtown Bryan and Paddock Lane and Tipsy Turtle bars on Northgate.

Curs described the second PPP loan as a “big hit in the arm”.

“This round of PPP has been great because it has allowed us, as we kind of crawl back to a little bit of normal to try to recruit,” Curs said. “The PPP has been great because we can breathe a little again, even though our sales have not returned. It buys us a few months pretending things are normal from an operations standpoint. “

One problem the Curs and Beckmans have faced is that of operating restaurants without full staff.

Wade Beckman said he employs 65 to 75 people at his three restaurants, but now is 40 to 45. Curs said he has around 70% to 80% of his normal staff, adding that it will increase slowly. Curs noted that despite having a smaller staff, the PPP loan allowed him to pay more, if needed, and to maintain a high quality staff.

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