Parlor Announces New Support Program

A new supporter program, the Parlor Collective, will create long-term funding security for the gender equality organization and professional opportunities for its supporters.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2022, Parlor promotes gender equity in architecture and in the built environment professions. The Parlor Collective will allow those who join it to increase and share their knowledge, to demonstrate individual and institutional values, to benefit from the support of their peers, to research and to act.

“The Collective strengthens our ability to unite many voices, advocate for all, and catalyze other positive change,” the Parlor website said.

Benefits of supporting the collective include access to Parlor’s back catalog (including CPD events), publishing permission for Parlor’s bulletin board, and admission to exclusive workshops and training for architects and other built environment professionals.

Parlor “Complic” e Saneia Norton said she was grateful for Parlor’s welcome lockdown presence, which the Collective intends to continue as the reopening continues.

“Over the past two years, I’ve enjoyed Parlor’s positive energy, fierce integrity and opportunities for connection,” Norton said.

The organization plans to use crowdfunding for activities such as professional mentorship, roundtables and data analysis. A full list of planned investment areas can be viewed here.

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