Over 50 LWMC Members Participate in Eid Cleanliness Workshop

LAHORE: Urban Unity experts conducted a two-day training on clean-up operations on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha in the provincial metropolis on June 24-25.

More than 50 operations team members of Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) including Area Officers, Supervisors, Managers, Deputy Managers and Deputy Managers attended the training sessions held at Urban Unit’s Khalid Sherdil Hall.

Urban Unit Solid Waste Management Specialists Asif Iqbal and Anum Shahid conducted the training. Specialists have designed training with activity-based workshops, group work plan sessions and participatory discussion-based learning to ensure participants get the most out of this exercise.

With Eid-ul-Azha approaching in less than two weeks, the importance of waste management operations by the LWMC is growing given the estimated three-day waste generation of Eid as well as monsoon rains hitting the city at the same time. .

Cleaning operations must be smooth and hassle-free in order to allow citizens to enjoy this religious holiday in a neat and clean environment. The training organized by the Urban Unit focused on improving cleaning operations with integrated efforts to ensure that SWM operations are carried out according to plan. The training emphasized GIS-based monitoring of all standard SWM activities with an emphasis on the rapid collection, storage, transport and disposal of animal waste during the three days of the Eid. The animal waste expected to be generated on the day of Eid is around 60,000 tons and even more, which requires a foolproof plan to clean the city around the clock on this occasion.

“The Urban Unit is ready to support and strengthen the operations of LWMC not only on occasions like Eid-ul-Azha, but we will help them develop work plans for the whole year to improve their functions and to build the capacity of their professionals over time. if necessary.

This workshop is an effort in the same direction; our highly skilled specialists have tried to support the operations of LWMC by providing much needed training to all operations teams in our own office,” Urban Unit CEO M Omar Masud said during the closing session of Training. He distributed certificates and other prizes to participants after the session.

“The workshop has been instrumental in building the capacity of LWMC’s integral operational staff and we look forward to similar cooperation from the urban unit to expand this support,” said Fahad Mahmood, Deputy General Manager of Lahore Waste. Management Company after the certification ceremony.

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