“Only legitimate constitutional recognition can save Kodavas”

Top Congress Leader BK Hariprasad speaks at CNC seminar

Madikeri: Kodava have been campaigning for more than two decades to obtain the granting of their constitutionally guaranteed rights and only these rights and privileges can guarantee the survival of this rare community, said the MLC and top Congress leader BK Hariprasad.

He was addressing a seminar on the rights, claims and aspirations of the Kodava. The event was recently organized by the National Council of Codava (CNC) in a private complex in Murnad.

“The Kodava community needs special recognition under Section 371 (k). The community deserves to be recognized in the list of listed tribes because its way of life, customs, traditions, practices and festivals reflect the tribal spirit, ”he noted.

The CNC’s demand and claim for geopolitical autonomy is the most legitimate, logical, feasible and deserving in every way among all other demands, he said. The Kodava tribe which is threatened with extinction should be enlisted under the Listed Tribes of the Indian Constitution. “The government should take action to protect the tradition of the Kodavas. The provision of an ST tag is necessary in this regard, ”he added.

On this occasion, the “Codava Rathna” prize was awarded to Hariprasad and to the eminent jurist AS Ponnanna. The main purpose of this award is to recognize and respect those who go out of their way, even risking their established careers for the cause of the Kodava community.

Hariprasad had raised the aspirations of the community in Parliament and the Legislative Council. In addition, he proposed a “Private Members Constitution Amendment Bill 2016” to include the Kodava language in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution. He advocated for the granting of the ST tag to Kodavas and also argued that the firearms license exemption should be maintained forever for Kodavas and should not be limited to 10 years.

According to CNC chairman NU Nachappa, some resolutions were adopted at the seminar to safeguard the gender of the Kodava tribe and its civilization. The community meets the definition of indigenous people promulgated by the United Nations through various declarations and measures must be taken in this regard to protect it.

“By character trait the Kodavas are tribals and by the minuscule size of our population we are a minority in every sense of the word. It is a tribal, racial, ethnic, linguistic and national minority. We all have the criteria and the right to claim empowerment defined for various indigenous tribes, minority groups and ethnolinguistic nationals enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations, ”he added.

“We are an indigenous primitive tribe and it is our fundamental human right and our freedom to exercise the right to internal political self-determination and to have geopolitical autonomy in our own defined and indivisible traditional homeland,” he said. it requires. High Court lawyer Lakkavalli Manjunath, political science professor Dr. PE Somaiah and others were in attendance.

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