Nawai Waqt Group of Publications in collaboration with DHA and DUHS organized a seminar


The Nawai Waqt Publishing Group, in collaboration with DHA and DUHS, organized a seminar theme of the Global Diabetes Seminar to educate the masses about this rapidly growing disease.

Speaking to attendees, Prof Dr Akhtar Baloch said diabetes is increasing dramatically in Pakistan as 33 million people have been diagnosed with the disease. He said about 20 million people in the country were on the verge of contracting the disease.

He said a large number of people had developed the disease but did not know it.

Professor Dr Akhtar Baloch said that lack of exercise and consumption of junk food was one of the reasons for the development of diabetes. “A comprehensive campaign is essential to educate the masses about diabetes prevention. We must all play our part in this regard,” he added.

He also commended the Nawai Waqt Group of Publications for organizing the seminar.

Assistant Professor Dr Syed Muhammad Hassan spoke about healing with insulin and dismissed the myth that insulin was the last cure for diabetes. He said that using insulin in the early stages of diabetes reduces complications in diabetics.

“Timely use of insulin reduces the risk of heart disease, weak eyesight and stroke,” said assistant professor Dr Syed Muhammad Hassan, adding that insulin was the most effective remedy. against diabetes.

In his speech, Dr Nazish Fatima said that 537 million people have been diagnosed with the diseases worldwide so far, adding that around 26.9 million people have not been diagnosed.

Dr Nazish Fatima said 6.7 million deaths have been reported due to complications from diabetes in 2021 worldwide.

Khalid Mahmood, station chief of the Nawai Waqt publications group, along with other guests, handed out shields to the speakers.


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