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Hubert Enviro Care Systems (HECS) P Ltd held a Technical Seminar on Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Based Wastewater and Effluent Treatment Plants in Hospitals in conjunction with PWD (Medical Division) and Christian Medical College (CMC) ), Velolore

During the seminar, K Ayeratharasu Rajasekharan, Superintendent Engineer, PWD Medical Wing Chennai pointed out that it is high time to promote sustainable development in the need for hospital sewage and effluent reclamation aiming at Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) , to reduce fresh water consumption and also to comply with Pollution Control Council standards.

During this seminar, the successful implementation of wastewater treatment based on Mitsubishi Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) technology was presented by Dr. Lallu Joseph and the site visit was facilitated by David Chandran, Superintendent General, CMC Vellore.

The twenty-year-old sewage treatment plant, which was renovated in 2020 by HECS, with the following, incorporates MBR technology using Mitsubishi Membrane, a fully automatic plant unit, a sludge dewatering system with centrifugation technology state-of-the-art, with excellent acoustic measurements. This plant also consistently delivers excellent water quality with minimal human interface and very few chemicals and consumables.

It was preceded by a technical visit to the site of the 2 MLD MBR Based STP which is one of the largest in the hospital sector in the country and the 100 KLD ETP, which has been fully automated and operational since October 2021. PWD officials and other local industries were actively involved in the site visit and seminar.

The technology discussion was concluded by Dr. JR Moses, CEO, HECS, outlining the changes in wastewater treatment technology and process from the pre-WWII period to the present day, which warrants huge optimization and provides excellent opportunities to comply with zero discharge capabilities of hospital wastewater reuse. and effluent from toilet flushing (non-hospital areas), cleaning, gardening, etc.

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