Master gardeners will be holding a major pruning workshop this month

Union County Master Gardeners will be hosting a hands-on pruning workshop later this month, with local Master Gardener Doug Stanton.

Stanton, owner of Douglas Stanton Architecture and Landscape Design in El Dorado, will share general tips and advice on pruning his garden. The workshop will be hands-on, so participants will have the opportunity to practice. Those present are kindly requested to bring their pruning shears, pruners and gardening gloves.

Stanton has worked in the field of architecture and landscaping for over 25 years; Originally from Texas, he ran a design company in Southern California before moving to El Dorado in 2017.

Master gardener John Seagraves will also be present at the workshop to sharpen garden tools free of charge.

According to a press release, the pruning workshop will give attendees the opportunity to learn how to control their shrubs, meet other people who share their interest in gardening, and learn more about the Master Gardener program. .

The workshop is scheduled for Saturday October 16 at 9:30 am at the Newton House Museum at 510 N. Jackson St. in El Dorado.

For more information, follow the Union County Master Gardeners page on Facebook.

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