Jinan conference reaches global consensus on food supply issues

JINAN from China, September 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – This is a report by China daily:

The three-day International Conference on Food Loss and Waste concluded in Jinan, Shandong province, the September 11th.

The event shed light on global efforts to tackle food loss and waste and resulted in 10 international consensuses, according to Sui Pengfei, director general of the Department of International Cooperation at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. .

Held online and offline, the event brought together ambassadors to China from 16 countries, agriculture ministers from 24 countries, including United States, the UK, France, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil, and representatives of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

“The conference is much more important to us. It brings the world together on one issue. It is not just a conference on food loss and waste – it is a conference to unite the world,” said Gafar Karar Ahmed, Ambassador of Sudan to China.

Under the theme “reducing food loss and waste and promoting global food security”, the conference provided a platform for countries to discuss global concerns related to food supply.

Matteo marchisio the Representative of the International Fund for Agricultural Development in China noted in an interview that food loss and waste is becoming global problems.

“China is not exempt from this problem, and any success in reducing food loss at the national level will have a global impact,” he said.

China attaches great importance to international cooperation to reduce food loss and waste, said Tang Renjian, Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, at the opening ceremony.

The nation will support the establishment of an international dialogue mechanism to reduce food loss to gain more experience and exchange on policies and regulations, Tang added.

The Jinan Initiative of the International Food Loss Conference was released during the conference, calling on countries to set common goals to tackle food loss and waste, and providing a benchmark for countries to take specific actions to tackle the problem.

Consensus was also achieved among countries to minimize food waste in the process of producing, harvesting, storing and consuming food during the conference, according to Sui.

Jinan is an ideal venue for the conference as it has a leading advantage in agriculture and food production in China, noted Luis Schmidt Montes, Ambassador of Chile to China.

He noted that Chile seeks to learn from Jinan because the city has developed towards the modernization of agricultural production.

Jinan, capital of Shandong province, plays an important role in providing a constant supply of high quality agricultural products in the province and even in the country.

The city currently has 12 state-owned grain reserve depots and has formed a complete industrial chain that stretches from raw grain to production.

Advanced technologies have been widely used in grain storage in the city, such as internal circulation temperature control technology and low power ventilation technology. The rate of grain loss in storage was kept below 0.2 percent.

In addition, with the support of national ecological protection efforts and the quality development strategy in the Yellow River basin, Jinan now faces new development opportunities.

As an important transportation hub in China, Jinan has more than 300 railways connecting 254 cities across the country and 204 airlines that serve 114 cities at home and abroad.

Jinan joined China “1000 billion yuan club “for the first time in 2020 when its GDP reached 1.01 trillion yuan ($ 156.7 billion). The revenues of the information technology and high-end equipment sectors both exceeded 300 billion yuan.

Jinan also benefits from a favorable international environment. The city is currently home to 81 of the world’s 500 largest companies and has 79 sister cities and friendly cooperation cities.

The conference will bring new development opportunities for Jinan promote high-quality agricultural development, build a new mountainous region to open up to the outside world and build a modern and strong provincial capital in the new era, organizers said.

THE SOURCE China daily

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