Internship opportunities in spring 2022

Internship opportunities in spring 2022

by David Morales-Miranda
|20 December 2021

The Earth Institute offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students internship opportunities in various departments and research centers in a variety of administrative, communication and research roles. Interns work on a variety of sustainability-focused projects across the Earth Institute. These projects provide interns with hands-on experience in the workplace, enabling them to develop professionally while Earth Institute centers benefit from their significant contributions.

Spring 2022 positions include:

  1. A web dashboard for a microbial observatory
  2. Development of portable electrochemical sensors for the detention of heavy metals and substances toxic to water (GRA)
  3. Climate Conversations in Colombia
  4. The value of resilience
  5. Modeling of human migration due to conflict and food insecurity East Africa (GRA)

To apply:

Complete the online application available HERE by Sunday, December 26 at 11:30 p.m. ET. Although you can apply for more than one position, you must submit separate applications for each.

Only full-time Columbia students are eligible to apply for internships. Positions marked “GRA” are only open to full-time graduate students. All internships are funded at $ 18 per hour (a maximum of 120 hours during the semester). Decisions will be made shortly after the deadline.

Students selected for a position will be required to participate in the Earth Institute Student Research Showcase in Spring 2022.

Contact David Morales-Miranda ([email protected]) with any questions.

1. EI Network for Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems

Department: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Desired student: License / Diploma / PhD

Planned tasks: The intern will co-design a web tool for visualizing and displaying data with the PI and his colleagues from Kotzebue, Alaska. The intern will develop the required HTML code and participate in Zoom conversations with members of the Kotzebue community to gain feedback on the design and implementation of the website.

Required Skills : The intern should be proficient in HTML programming and the skills to develop web pages.

2. Develop portable electrochemical sensors for the detention of heavy metals and toxic waters (GRA)

Department: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Desired student: Graduate / PhD ONLY

Planned tasks: This project involves the training of the trainee in order to be able to carry out the related laboratory work, the measurements collected in the field. Fusion of the design of a detection system, its optimization to its best performance, data collection and validation of the system by standard methods. The student will receive training in instrumental analysis to meet the needs of the job. Some data collection may also be necessary. Student participation would greatly improve our ability to design detection methods, which can be implemented in the field for monitoring water toxic species.

Required Skills :

  • Courses in chemical or environmental engineering, chemistry and statistics are desirable
  • Proficiency and interest in instrumental analysis
  • Experience with graphing and visualizing data in R

3. Conversations on the climate in Colombia

Department: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Desired student: First cycle

Planned tasks: The intern will be responsible for the planning and execution of three panel events, including brainstorming and communicating with potential panelists, managing the fee payment, and maintaining an active presence on the Columbia website. Climate Conversations. Additionally, the intern will strive to identify and access resources to support the Environmental Justice Summit in person (May 2022). Support from interns is crucial to making this dynamic and visionary event a reality by helping to secure a space on campus and raising funds that will support advertising, catering and programming. Additionally, the intern will provide insight into how best to engage Columbia’s undergraduate community, many of which are interested in the topics of environmental justice and sustainability, in this flagship initiative. This will simultaneously build on the existing interest and expertise of Columbia’s undergraduate student community and elevate the Earth Institute / Climate School as an institution that advances environmental justice for women. undergraduates from the University of California.

Required Skills :

  • Organized, motivated
  • Some experience in writing grant applications
  • Knowledge of social media principles and best practices
  • Track record in sustainability and racial justice through education, work experience, advocacy and / or lived experience

4. The value of resilience

Department: National Center for Disaster Preparedness

Desired student: License / Diploma / PhD

Planned tasks: The intern will be responsible for taking meeting notes, managing and maintaining project resources, coordinating with team members in a distributed hybrid environment, assisting the project manager in overall project coordination . The intern will be an essential support to increase administrative capacity in the early parts of the project, crucial for subsequent successes, with opportunities to innovate resource systems to systematize processes.

Required Skills :

Interns should be communicative in a hybrid environment and able to use Slack and Zoom competently. Office skills should include Google Drive and Google Business Tool Suite, Microsoft Office Suite, and online equivalents (SharePoint, etc.). Experience with task managers such as ToDoist is encouraged but not required. Must be willing to learn if not already proficient in writing meeting minutes, coordinating schedules and creating filing systems. Interns can participate in research collection, data analysis or report writing if there is additional interest (not required). The ability to read and understand research-oriented correspondence and briefings is encouraged.

5. Modeling of human migration due to conflict and food insecurity East Africa (GRA)

Department: Columbia Climate School, Affiliate Partner Program

Preferred student: Diploma

Planned tasks:

The intern will help senior executives collate and present quarterly Climate School research updates to affiliate members. The incumbent will consult with all units of the Climate School and its Columbia partners to organize recently published research, ongoing research, and prospective research, and develop a written summary and annotated bibliography. He / she will also help the Climate School leadership organize quarterly research updates by providing underlying resources such as slide presentations and other review materials. Occasionally, the intern will be asked to write a more detailed summary of specific topics, as requested. The intern should be able to meet with the Senior Advisor weekly to discuss activities in support of other partner affiliate programs, including roundtables and occasional discussions with external partners.

Required Skills :

  • excellent writing and oral communication skills
  • ability to work independently and on time
  • interest in familiarizing themselves with primary climate research literature and other scientific resources
  • ability to organize research resources in a higher level synthesis framework

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