Intercom – Patricia Zimmermann gives a guest talk and workshop at UCLA on Virtual FLEFF 2021

Patricia Zimmermann, professor of screen studies and co-director of the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, delivered a guest talk at UCLA on May 5.

His talk touched on the structures, strategies, interfaces, design and programming innovations of the 24th Annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival as it transformed into a 100% virtual for the first time during the COVID-pandemic. 19.

The presentation developed the complex contexts and contradictions of the pandemic which precipitated a tectonic shift in festivals and media industries around the world, disrupting traditional practices but opening up new opportunities, especially for small and medium-sized organizations, that will last a long time.

The conference developed the possibilities of virtual festivals to increase accessibility, to expand the global reach of audiences beyond their embodied community, to access a more international and multicultural range of works and guests, to extend the time for dialogue, debate and intellectual depth and to bring together more heterogeneous audiences in the same virtual space. Zimmermann also discussed the increase in national and international partnerships for FLEFF during the pandemic.

She also led a workshop with masters and doctoral students at the film school to discuss career paths beyond the academy in festivals, archives, museums and journalism.

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