Inter-Valley Conference unveils its All-IVC Spring Sports teams

The Inter-Valley Conference recently unveiled its spring sports teams and many Buckeye Trail student athletes have been recognized.

In baseball honors, two Buckeye Trail seniors were named to the North Division’s first team at Caden Burga and Jensen Helmuth. Sophomore Garrett Burga won second-team recognition and rookie Braden Williams was named honorable mention.

In softball awards, it was Lady Warriors senior Sidney Beaver and junior Abby Wayble each named to the North Division’s first team. Rookie Morgan Watson was named with second team honors and second Emma Smith was named honorable mention squad.

In the track and field selections, it was Buckeye Trail Brendan Bates second team in the pole vault, while Donovan Geiger rounded up the second team in the 400 meter race.

The full baseball and softball team, as well as track athletes are listed below.


North Division

First team: Caden Burga Buckeye Trail SR; Jensen Helmuth Buckeye Trail SR; Brett Putnam Conotton Valley JR; Chase Vacco East Canton JR; Austin Mallonn East Canton SR; Derk Hutchison Malvern SR; Connor Lefevre Malvern; Jared Simmons Newcomerstown; Wade Hostetler Strasbourg; Scott Sauernheimer Strasburg SR; Bailey McGinnis Tuscarawas Central Catholic SR

Second team: Garrett Burga Buckeye Trail Soph; Ethan Myers Conotton Valley SR; Gaige Galigher Conotton Valley SR; Jeremiah Kandel East Canton Soph; Canton of Aaron Gothard East; Payton Davis Malvern SR; Gavin Wagoner Newcomerstown; Branden Troyer Strasburg SR; Cooper Dailey Strasburg JR; Ryan Dick Tuscarawas Central Catholic SR

Honorable mention: Buckeye Trail: Braden Williams FR; Conotton Valley: Braylen Novak JR; Eastern Township: Trevor Deutschman JR; Malvern: Ethan Bush FR; Newcomer: Logan Knepper Soph; Strasbourg: Nick Martin JR; TCC: Jacob Renicker JR

South Division

First team: Brock Keim Garaway SR; Jared Hostetler Hiland SR; Reese Schlabach Hiland SR; Trevor Myers Indian Valley JR; Kody Enos Indian Valley JR; Chase Booth Ridgewood JR; Gabe Tingle Ridgewood JR; Kaiden Mastri Sandy Valley JR; Brady Russell Sandy Valley SR; Nate Glaser Tuscarawas Valley SR; Tanner Phillips Tuscarawas Valley SR

Second Team: Keaton Host Claymont JR; Zack Bickford Garaway SR; Kutter Hershberger Garaway SR; Isaiah Miller Hiland SR; Derrick Troyer Hiland SR; Gavin Henry Indian Valley Soph; Cole Lancaster Indian Valley JR; Javan Belt Ridgewood SR; Cam Blair Sandy Valley SR; Austin Kohler Tuscarawas Valley JR; Tyson Stahlman Tuscarawas Valley SR

Honorable mention: Claymont: Brody Rauch JR; Garaway: Brady Roden Soph; Hiland: Casey Lowe SR; Indian Valley: Grant Tschudy SR; Ridgewood: Andy Troyer JR; Sandy Valley: Nick Petro FR; Tusky Valley: Cole Clements FR

Soft ball

North Division

First team: Sidney Beaver Buckeye Trail SR; Abby Wayble Buckeye Trail JR; Masy Baker Conotton Valley FR; Genna Harlow Conottton Valley SR; Marisa Hall East Canton SR; Kaley Steigerwald Eastern Canton SR; Madison Hole Malvern JR; Emma Gilkerson Strasburg JR; Amelia Spidell Strasbourg FR; Sophia Knight Tuscarawas SR Central Catholic; Sydney Selinsky Tuscarawas Central Catholic SR

Second team: Morgan Watson Buckeye Trail FR; Daphne Stuber Conotton Valley SW; Tori Hankins East Canton SR; Alyssa Wahl East Canton SR; Alana Spurrier Malvern SR; Megan Parry Newcomerstown SO; Karley Ingle Newcomerstown JR; Liv Lauvray Strasbourg SR; Bri Christner Strasbourg SR; Jordyn Caldwell Tuscarawas Central Catholic SO; Megan Peltz Tuscarawas Central Catholic SO

Honorable mention: Buckeye Trail: Emma Smith SO; Conotton Valley: Sarah Schaar SR; Eastern Township: Kayla Blankenship SR; Malvern: Haley Wilkinson FR; Newcomer: Brianna Robinson JR; Strasbourg: Hayley Reiger SO; TCC: Jocelyn Abbuhl SR

South Division

First team: Makena Brown Claymont Soph; Gracee Hudnall Claymont Soph; 3. Brooklyn Poland Claymont SR; Jordyn Keim Garaway FR; Janell Mast Garaway SR; Meghan Petitte Garaway JR; Katie Deardorff Indian Valley SR; Caleigh McPeek Indian Valley SR; Madison Monte Indian Valley JR; Mia Rose Indian Valley Soph; Abigail Harding Ridgewood SR; Brooke Albaugh Tuscarawas Valley SR; Kylie Rohr Tuscarawas Valley JR

Second team: Jordan Gibson Claymont SR; Hannah Snyder Claymont SR; Jenna Shoup Garaway SR; Isabelle Tetreault Garaway FR; Cassidy Cross Indian Valley SR; Taylor Spillman Indian Valley JR; Tracey Zurfley Indian Valley SR; Kassidy Alexander Ridgewood SR; Carah Mladek Ridgewood JR; Tarryn Morris Ridgewood FR; Lilly Shepler Sandy Valley SR; Elly Rothensten Tuscarawas Valley JR; Keegan Selinsky Tuscarawas Valley SR; Kadence Stutz Tuscarawas Valley Soph

Honorable mention: Claymont: Lani Abbuhl FR; Garaway: Shelby Gerber Soph; Indian Valley: Cari Anderson JR; Ridgewood: Kierra Barthalow SR; Sandy Valley: Gracie Fryer SR; Tusky Valley: Sydney Clements SR


Hannah Wyler of Tusky Valley was named Girls’ MVP, her trainer Mandy McElwee was named Coach of the Year and Tyler Stump took home the Boys MVP honors as the 2021 Inter-Valley Conference Track League teams were determined after last week’s conference.

Tim Loy of East Canton took home the male coach of the year honors.


Long jump: first team, Lexi Tucci: Sandy Valley; Second Team, Hailey Schlegel: Tusky Valley

High jump: first team, Lexi Tucci: Sandy Valley; Second team. Hailey Maloon: Tusky Valley

Shot put: first team, Kelsey Swihart: Hiland; Second team, Makayla Sitzlar: Garaway

Discus: First team, Kelsey Swihart: Hiland; Second team, Arianna Terakedis: Claymont

Pole Vault: First Team, Caitlin Green: Newcomerstown; Second Team, Lexi Zimmer: Ridgewood

4 x 800 Relay: First Team, Tusky Valley: Lexie Engstrom, Megan Engstrom, Ella McElwee, Hannah Wyler; Second team, Strasbourg: Josie Lautenschleger, Ella Pumphry, Maci Willoughby, Madi Becker

100m hurdles: first team, Hailey Schlegel: Tusky Valley; Second Team Ashley Lahmers: Newcomerstown

100 M Dash: First Team, Madison Cadle: Claymont; Second Team, Macey Hicks: Tusky Valley

4×200 Relay: First Team, Claymont: Kailey Watkins, Jade Gibson, Averi Wallace, Madison Cadle; Second team, Garaway: Kenadi Yoder, Hailey Troyer, Grace Yoder, Meghan Schwartz

1600m race: first team, Hannah Wyler: Tusky Valley; Second team, Audrey Wade: Eastern Township

4×100 Relay: First Team, Claymont: Madison Cadle, Averi Wallace, Jade Gibson, Haylee Heavilin; Second Team, Tusky Valley: Cara Pipitone, Hailey Schlegel, Emma Benner, Macey Hicks

400m: first team, Chloe Colvin: Indian Valley; Second team, Averi Wallace: Claymont

300m hurdles: first team, Alaina Heller: Sandy Valley; Second Team, Kaelynn Robinson: Ridgewood

800m race: first team, Hannah Wyler: Tusky Valley; Second Team, Lexie Engstrom: Tusky Valley

200 M Dash: First Team, Macey Hicks: Tusky Valley; Second team, Averi Wallace: Claymont

3200 m track: first team, Audrey Wade: Canton de l’Est; Second team, Ella Pumphry: Strasbourg

4 x 400 Relay: First Team, Tusky Valley: Lexie Engstrom, Ella McElwee, Macey Hicks, Hannah Wyler; Second Team, Garaway: Grace Yoder, Kenadi Yoder, Hailey Troyer, Meghan Swartz

Team results: 1st place: Tusky Valley 144; 2nd: Place: Claymont 108.5; 3rd place: Sandy Valley 72; 4th place: Garaway 53; 5th place: Indian Valley 51.5; 6th place: Strasbourg 42.5; 7th place: Newcomerstown 42; 8th place: Ridgewood 32; 9th place: Canton de l’Est 29; 10th place: Buckeye Trail 25; 11th place: Malvern 24; 12th place: Hiland 22; 13th place: Tuscarawas Central Catholic 204

Boys track

Long jump: first team, Mason Tucci: Sandy Valley; Second team, Jake McCullough: Eastern Township

High Jump: First Team, Tyler Stump: Tusky Valley; Second team, Bladon Garland: Newcomerstown

Shot put: first team, JJ Durr: Ridgewood; Second Team, Zach Prater: Ridgewood

Discus: First team, JJ Durr: Ridgewood; Second team, Mason Steiner: Garaway

Pole vault: first team, David Adams: Indian Valley; Second Team, Brendan Bates: Buckeye Trail

4 x 800 relay: First team, Eastern Township: Nick Martino, Alex Yarian, Jonathan Randulic, Landen Demos; Second Team, Garaway: Quinten Schwartz, Parker Graf, Nathan Money, Bobby Palmer

110 M hurdles: first team, Kolton Thomas: Indian Valley; Second team, Brennan Betz: Canton de l’Est

100 M Dash: First Team, Chase Lenhoff: Tusky Valley; Second team, Mason Tucci: Sandy Valley

4×200 relay: First team, Ridgewood: Xavier Lamneck, AJ Incarnato, Kaleb Schrock, Dalton Patterson; Second Team, Hiland: Micah Kuhns, Jaywon Miller, Kendrick Wilson, Faybryn Ryan

1600m race: first team, Gabe Shilling: East Canton; Second team, Quinten Schwartz: Garaway

4×100 relay: First team, Hiland: Faybryn Ryan, Jaywon Miller, Micah Kuhns, Isaac Slabaugh; Second Team, Ridgewood: Xavier Lamneck, AJ Incarnato, Kaleb Schrock, Dalton Patterson

400m race: First team, Tyler Stump: Tusky Valley; Second team, Donovan Geiger: Buckeye Trail

300m hurdles: first team, Xavier Lamneck: Ridgewood; Second team, Ty Winters: Garaway

800m race: first team, Brylan Holland: East Canton; Second team, Andrew Wade: Eastern Township

200 M Dash: First Team, Tyler Stump: Tusky Valley; Second Team, Chase Lenhoff: Tusky Valley

3200 m track: first team, Gabe Shilling: East Canton; Second Team, Jackson Triplett: Tuscarawas Central Catholic

4×400 relay: First team, East Canton Landon Demos, Andrew Wade, Austin Jones, Nick Martino; Second Team, Ridgewood: Xavier Lamneck, Calvin Kohman, Dalton Patterson, Kaleb Schrock

Results by team: 1st place: Canton de l’Est 117; 2nd place: Ridgewood 105; 3rd place: Tusky Valley 95.5; 4th place Garaway 67; 5th place Indian Valley 59.5; 6th place Claymont 56.5; 7th place Buckeye Trail 46; 8th place Sandy Valley 36.5; 9th place Hiland 34; 10th place: Newcomerstown 14; 11th Place Tuscarawas Central Catholic 12; 12th place (T) Strasbourg 8; 12th place (T) Malvern 8; 14th place Conotton Valley 3

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