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Sharjah24: Photography enthusiasts and professionals in the United Arab Emirates have embarked on a fascinating learning journey and are developing their unique photographic vision under the tutelage of leading photographers holding expert-led workshops at the International Photography Festival Xposure underway at Expo Center Sharjah.
Discussing one of photography’s most overlooked creative tools, Mike Browne, who led the session titled “Focal Length Explained,” said, “Focal length does more than just bring a distant thing closer; it makes all the difference in how an image looks and feels. Focal length and composition are best friends, and they can revolutionize your imaging – never forget that!”

The next session of ‘Focal Length Explained’ is scheduled for February 15 (1:15 p.m.).

Colin Hawkins revealed the top 3 tips for shooting in a studio environment during the session titled “Studio Lighting for E-commerce and Commercial Portraits”. “First, ask your client what your photographs will be used for – e-commerce, print or website banner? It can determine the style, the crop, the focal point – and probably your fees. »

He added: “Then look at the needs of your audience or buyer, and finally work with a tripod and attach it to the laptop, so you can adjust the different elements in the frame without worrying that the camera moves or changes position. as you develop and work towards the final image.

Colin Hawkins will host two sessions on studio photography on February 12 at 11 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

In ‘Photo Mechanics’, David Newton’s back-to-basics approach helped participants better appreciate light and how to control it. “Whether it’s natural light or artificial light, learning to see it and capture it is the key to great images,” said Newton, who also discussed framing and composition of the image and taught participants how to organize topics within a framework to achieve balance or discord depending on the objective.

In “How to Photograph a Personal Project”, Chris Coe guided budding photographers through every stage of developing a project, while Samy Olabi’s two-day “Advanced Astrophotography” workshop gave attendees a clear understanding of what it takes to create stunning photos of the Milky Way. and the night sky. He also demonstrated how to bring images to life with specialized pre-processing software such as Sequator and Deep Sky Stacker as well as advanced post-processing techniques. The second session of the workshop is scheduled for February 13.

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