How to gain business growth in the omnichannel era

In the opening speech, Huijian He predicted the market size of the local retail O2O platform. “Based on industry data, we estimate that the size of the on-demand retail market may be close to trillion yuan by 2024 in China. The main growth in the retail industry will come from on-demand retail and O2O. How to take advantage of this growth? One is to achieve growth in the on-demand retail market, and the other is able to effectively generate business growth. “

June Jiang gave a keynote address on “Omnichannel Marketing and a New Engine for Growth” based on data from an industry survey and the O2O white paper. “JDDJ connects online and offline businesses to help retailers reach users across all channels. We have access to all and JDDJ customers, and integrate ecosystem resources to introduce online traffic to offline stores, so that stores can reach Chinese consumers through these two platforms. ”

As a result of online traffic and the digitization of offline users, JDDJ also offers category operating strategies for retailers and brand owners. By leveraging intellectual property marketing events, it aims to promote brand marketing and sales growth. According to JDDJ data, Yili has maintained triple-digit year-on-year sales growth over the past few years, increasing 122% in 2019 and 183% in 2020. The corresponding sales growth figures for Nestlé were 126%. and 121%, respectively.

Yanjie Lian shared his point of view in the opening speech titled “Haibo System Helps Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency Through Omni-Channel Empowerment”. “The Dada Haibo system has cooperated with more than 90 large and medium-sized supermarket chains with 3,600 stores on JDDJ, including 40 of the top 100 supermarket chains and 50 regional leaders in China. We use a SaaS system to manage omni-channel business, which can be adopted as a whole or in modules. We have a dedicated team to help retailers run online businesses and ensure swift implementation and updates. “

According to Lian, the Haibo system has worked with retailers to achieve four milestones in e-commerce over the past six years. These were also four pain points for omnichannel operations, including store orders that could not be fulfilled, head office operations were difficult and inefficient, accounts were messy and business slowed down, and competition against purchases. community groups. Yu yang, founder of a retail media outlet and industry expert, noted that “the Dada Haibo system is a well-developed digital system, covering membership, marketing, order fulfillment, products and board. data, and can be opened to different online channels. JDDJ has made many useful explorations in omni-channel integration. “

About the Dada group

Dada Group is a leading local on-demand retail and delivery platform in China. It operates JDDJ, one of China’s largest on-demand retail platforms for retailers and brand owners, and Dada Now, a leading local on-demand delivery platform open to merchants and to individual shippers in various industries and product categories. The Company’s two platforms are interconnected and mutually beneficial. The Dada Now platform enables a better delivery experience for participants on the JDDJ platform with its easily accessible fulfillment solutions and strong on-demand delivery infrastructure. Meanwhile, the vast on-demand delivery order volume of the JDDJ platform increases the order volume and density for the Dada Now platform. In june 2020, the Dada group began trading on the global Nasdaq market, under the ticker symbol “DADA”.

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