Hands-on Cryptonexus workshops will guide fintech professionals ahead of the US event

Places are filling up for the two 50 people Cryptonexus workshops ahead of the 10th annual LendIt USA event in New York City later this month.

The team created workshops to help financial services executives who struggle to learn more about cryptocurrency and Web3. Join LendIt and its partner Bankless DAO for two one-day interactive crypto workshops.

Described as a one-stop-shop, you can learn everything a fintech expert needs to know about crypto in a single day through hands-on trading experience.

Sessions will be all day May 23 and 24: A separate general conference ticket is required for the workshop. Attendees can also get a bundle ticket including Cryptonexus courses and the US event while supplies last.

Class is in session: why learn more about web3 and crypto?

Bo Burstkern, one of the Cryptonexus Workshop Leaders and CEO of LendIt, said that in 2022, Web3 has evolved into blockchain maturation, rapidly accelerating towards two realities: becoming a separate, parallel, and better ; or a second layer on top of our current banking infrastructure, adding new functionality.

Time will tell what the most likely path for web3 technologies will be.

“Anyone interested in financial services innovation needs to have a working knowledge of crypto and Web3 to make sense of what’s to come,” Brustkern said. “It’s our job to teach our community this crucial understanding so they can work confidently in this fast-paced world.”

Cryptonexus, why now?

The lithic minds may not have noticed it, but advancements in blockchain have created opportunities, challenges, and threats for modern banks and consumers. Financial leaders must understand that the power of blockchain, encryption tools and web3 will create a new financial future.

Over the past year, crypto has become one of the hottest trending topics on the LendIt site and in the world of financial news. Trends go beyond standard financial information; the crypto market as a whole hit a high of $2.9 trillion in November, with top names in football stadiums and ad spots in the mouths of sports celebrities.

Many of America’s largest banks, securities firms, and custodians are showcasing their skills in crypto custody and compliance after years of ignoring the asset class.

In April alone, Fidelity and Blackrock showed their faith by investing in stablecoins as a payment rail, and Goldman Sachs loaned millions to bitcoin-backed Coinbase: The question is not the right time to learn cryptography; when will it finally be too late?

Unfortunately, even for the most experienced underwriter and payments provider or sophisticated financial services executive, the language and technology barriers introduced by crypto and Web3 are daunting.

“The train has already left the station,” Brustkern said. “Now is the time to level up so we can still catch it.”

A brief overview of the agenda

The one-day course will cover everything from the basics to an introduction to governance and the future of organizational training.

Tickets for the workshop include $300 in digital currency to distribute to virtual wallets that participants will create as part of their journey. Here is an overview of the lesson plan:

  • Blockchain Basics: Blockchain Language, Definitions of Common Words and Their Meanings
  • Layer 1 protocols, the building blocks of crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, and how they use consensus to complete transactions on their networks
  • Why Ethereum is known as a programmable currency
  • The main DeFi protocols and what they solve
  • How to transact on the blockchain: an introduction to wallets, security and scalability
  • How to create, manage and protect a non-custodial crypto wallet using options such as Metamask or Coinbase.
  • What tools are must-haves for crypto natives
  • Blockchain superpowers: the magic of NFTs, layer three applications like OpenSea, BAYC and POAP.
  • How to manage security, taxes and reports
  • Introduction to governance, coordination and DAOs, featuring the expertise of Manuel Maccou, member of BanklessDao

See the agenda

“The Future of Finance”

“Our mission with these one-day workshops is to introduce Web3 to our core community of fintech entrepreneurs and bank executives safely and confidently,” the CEO said. Bo Brustkern mentioned. “We have designed this course, in conjunction with BanklessDAO, to provide everything the traditional finance executive needs to understand, explore and work in the future of finance.”

Participants can expect to learn what they need to bridge the gap. Industry leaders Jacob Benson of Coffee & Crypto, Manuel Maccou of BanklessDao, and Brustkern will lead fundamental lessons and how-to demos with real cryptocurrencies, DeFi applications, and more.

The workshop mirrors the recent announcement of Merge London, a new conference focused on the collision between Web3, fintech and traditional finance.

Web3 technologies are compelling and will impact all aspects of commerce in the future. No one is immune to this change. No one can be future proof against Web3.

Finance executives will benefit from this course to understand, plan, participate in and take advantage of upcoming innovations.


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