Gan Israel camp staff to meet for training seminar

A camp staff training session for the girls will take place this Sunday in Crown Heights. Staff will leave with practical advice, inspiration and a special keepsake. Full story

The Camp Gan Israel model is based on innovative activities, fun spirit and perhaps most importantly, energetic and caring staff. CKids, in collaboration with Bais Rivkah, organizes a training session for the camp staff so that they can do their Shlichus to convey the CGI experience in the most professional and safe way.

“Our goal is to empower counselors so they can go to camp knowing they are equipped with the best methods and tools to ensure a positive and impactful summer,” the rabbi explained. Zalmy LoewenthalDirector of CKids International.

‘The effect a summer at Camp Gan Israel can have on a Jewish child – there’s no such thing,’ adds rabbi Mendy Kotlarskiexecutive director of Merkos 302. “The warmth of Yiddishkeit, along with the caring and positivity displayed by counselors, leaves an impression on children that lasts a lifetime.”

The training will be led by a renowned camp expert, the principal, and Shliach, the rabbi Zalmy Kudan. It will explore topics such as behavioral management, optimizing communication between staff and leaders, getting inspired to inspire others, etc. “This will be the next step, the second part, of the training we went through last year. I look forward to being part of your hatzlacha at camp and taking it to the next level,” Rabbi Kudan says.

The training will take place on Sunday, Passover Sheini, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., at Bais Rivkah Crown Street.

Camp directors and staff are encouraged to Click here to register for this event.

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