Expo provides opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses

CHARLESTON, South Carolina (WCSC) – A small business expo in downtown Charleston has given business owners across the state the opportunity to connect.

The City of Charleston hosted the event at the Gaillard Center to connect ready-made contractors and suppliers with government agency projects.

This particular small business event focused on minority and women-owned businesses.

Overall, this is an opportunity for owners to make a good impression on organizations looking to hire them.

Harper Construction CEO Betty Price says it’s a huge help to attend free events with both resources and networking.

“We are a licensed general contractor and company from Columbia, SC.” Price said. “But over the last four or five years, we’ve had a lot of opportunities in Charleston, South Carolina, so I’m thrilled to be here, and it’s tons of information, a wealth of knowledge and technology to grow my business.”

The day included presentations, panel discussions, discussions and breakout sessions.

Priscilla Waring, purchasing and contracting manager for the City of Charleston Housing Authority, was just one of many city officials.

“I’m here to recruit contacts for our database, so we can increase the number of vendors we have, especially our minority women-owned businesses,” Warber says. “It’s a great opportunity because I can go out and people put the faces with the names and put the information together, and I can contact them when we have our little projects or our big projects and they can it’s a good way to network.

City departments and contractors said they were eager to work together and appreciated the opportunity to get to know each other.

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