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The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Decherd is sponsoring a special seminar to combat the effects of diabetes.

The Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Seminar will be held every Thursday from October at 6 p.m. at the SDA Fellowship Hall at 200 N. Diagonal St. in Decherd.

Next Thursday’s rally will feature a free healthy meal, and all subsequent gatherings will also be free.

Diabetes has become the fastest growing chronic disease in human history. It was believed to be irreversible and would gradually worsen until the death of those who contract it.

The cause is not a germ or virus like the seasonal flu or COVID-19. It is caused by the food eaten and the activities people do.

Diabetes grows slowly and silently. The most common symptom is high blood sugar.

By identifying and changing the causes of diabetes in the first place, symptoms can improve or even go away.

Many of those who completed the course were able to reduce or eliminate – in consultation with a health care provider – some or all of their diabetes and high blood pressure medications.

The traditional approach to managing diabetes has focused on controlling blood sugar.

However, fat, the root cause of diabetes, is rarely discussed. The Diabetes Reversal Program focuses on resolving the root cause, and many or all of the symptoms of diabetes simply go away.

Studies show this new approach is up to three times more effective than the traditional focus on blood sugar taught by the American Diabetes Association for over 45 years.

Topics taught include reversing diabetes leading to more energy, lowering blood pressure leading to lower risk of stroke and heart attack, reduced risk of cancer and reduction in GERD / acid reflux and a improvement of inflammatory diseases, including arthritis and allergies.

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