c’t: Entwickler-Savoir-faire mit Ateliers

The c’t , the c’t conference for front-end developers, started last Tuesday. As part of the conference, in-depth workshops will be held with which developers can deepen their knowledge on individual topics.

On Friday November 26, Sven Wolfermann will give an overview of the theme of web performance. He explains what it really means for a page to load quickly, then details: how web fonts load efficiently, what to consider when loading CSS, JavaScript, and images, how to test. you website performance and automated monitoring? What possibilities do service workers and HTTP / 2 offer to increase performance? The workshop “Web-Performance 2022“Offers a complete package which should clarify all questions about performance optimization.

Beim Workshop “Advanced type-level programming in TypeScript“On December 2, Peter Kröner will dive a full day into the depths of TypeScript programming. After first establishing some basic facts about the design of the TypeScript type system, the focus is on the practical formulation of advanced type constructs with mapped types and conditional types. Kröner examines various practical solutions to common TypeScript problems and discusses their tradeoffs in detail. Participants should have a solid knowledge of TypeScript or other statically typed programming languages.

Andreas Roth leads his half-day workshop “0 Framework-Overhead with Solid.js»On December 3 in the Solid.js framework. It combines the dynamics of Reacts JSX with the compiler-based approach of Svelte and thus achieves performance that is closer to handwritten vanilla JS solutions than typical frameworks. Maybe Solid.js is right for your next project.

A full overview of the workshops and the conference is available at Home page the one on the side . The half-day workshop on Solid.js is available for € 299, other full-day workshops for € 499 in the Ticketing Reserve. Participation in the conference costs 199 € per day.

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More from c't magazine

More from c't magazine


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