Commentary: why I’m running for mayor of Encinitas

By Cindy Cremona

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Mayor of the City of Encinitas. I will be running as an independent/non-partisan (NPP) candidate.

I love Encinitas! I own a home, own a small business, surf our oceans and walk our trails. Unfortunately, the past two years have brought changes that are of increasing concern to many residents, requiring me to become more involved in some of our local issues, including collaborating with other affected residents, presenting at meetings council and moderating a local Zoom program with affected individuals. residents around specific Encinitas issues to help citizens stay informed.

I also know what it’s like to defend my neighborhood against blatant development. I’m proud to carry and defend Our Neighborhood Voices’ statewide local control petition and hope to see it put on the ballot and enacted legislation in the November election.

As with all growing cities, change is inevitable. But change requires good management. Like my fellow citizens, many of these changes are concerning, while some are downright alarming. Many residents feel overwhelmed by the number of housing projects the city is approving and are frustrated by the lack of infrastructure to support the thousands more units that are on the horizon.

It has become clear over the past few years that city leaders are disregarding the input of residents. It seems that growing concerns about housing, traffic, crime, homelessness and our loss of open spaces are becoming endemic in our community and a new voice and different solutions are needed.

Many residents see the city’s leadership more focused on building trophy projects than adding real value where it’s needed, like new schools, improved roads, fire stations and services. emergency. Many residents no longer feel like their voice is heard by their city leaders.

By running as an independent, I hope to take partisan politics and vested interests out of the equation and give all residents the opportunity to be part of viable solutions. To this end, I will not accept money from political parties or donations from developers. I will only count on your support to help me cross the finish line.

I have been a “doer” all my life. I started a successful executive search practice nearly thirty years ago in the midst of a deep recession. I have helped many clients structure their organizations with the right hires and organizational strategies. I have spent much of my career building relationships and building a reputation in the industries I serve.

I have been part of many business organizations and participated in workshops, roundtables and various business events. Now I see another opportunity and a chance to give back to my community.

There are alternative solutions for some of our recurring problems in Encinitas. For example, the city had the opportunity last summer to increase the number of affordable housing units to be built. Had they agreed, Encinitas would need significantly less development to meet the state’s affordable housing mandate.

I was appalled when our municipal leaders refused to increase the percentage of affordable housing to 50%, thus condemning us to a minimum of 4,000 additional units at market price. As mayor, I would put this option back on the agenda and work hard to get it approved.

We desperately need affordable housing. Our current city council has squandered its best opportunity to put in place meaningful affordable housing while protecting our city from overdevelopment. Our hands are not tied.

We must also recognize the growing number of homeless people in our city and our responsibility to find compassionate solutions to place homeless people in shelters or crisis centers if necessary. We have county resources that we can partner with to help get people off the streets. Claiming homeless parking as a victory against homelessness is like stemming a river with a match. We can do better.

As a business owner and advisor, I view fiscal responsibility as an important part of good governance. Expenditures such as the $50 million plus Streetscape project and the $10 million purchase of Pacific View are prime examples of where city leaders failed to budget or manage assets in the best possible way. interest of the city. They could have done better.

Finally, I will continue to fight for local control and for the best interests of our community. I sincerely believe that the future of our city is in our control, not that of the state. My side is the side of the residents. Always. My hands are not tied.

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