CNP Assurances: “How far can we push the limits of insurance?”

Paris, February 10, 2022

“How far can we push the limits of insurance?”

The Insurance Factory is holding its 6th annual conference today

Live from the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) and via web-conference, La Fabrique d’Assurance brings together experts and insurers at its annual conference. On the agenda: a discussion on the limits of insurance and the opportunities for innovation in the sector. Can and should insurers cover everything? What are the insurance limits of today and tomorrow? The 2021 White Paper of La Fabrique d’Assurance provides answers to these questions through 30 proposals resulting from the reflections of several dozen contributors.

Two round tables and several presentations will fuel the debate

After the opening speech by Alexandre André, CEO of La Fabrique d’Assurance, the participants attended two round tables:

  • Summary of contributions to the 2021 White Paper of La Fabrique d’Assurance, “How far can we push the limits of insurance?” by the directors of Focus France:
    oh Norbert Girard, Secretary General of the Observatory for the Evolution of Insurance Professions,
    oh Franck Le Vallois, Managing Director of France Assureurs,
    oh Séverine Salgado, Managing Director of the National Mutual Insurance Federation

Valéria Faure-Muntian, member of the Loire department, member of the finance committee, and president of the insurance study group of the National Assembly responds to these various arguments.

  • “Innovation in insurance, what challenges to take up?”
  1. Eric Chenut, President of the National Federation of French Mutual Insurance,
  1. Mary LauraDreyfuss, General Delegate of the Technical Center for Institutions of


  1. Florence Lustman, President of France Assurances,
  1. Alain Coheur, President of the Interior, Production and Consumption Commission of the European Economic and Social Committee.

Between these two round tables, Stéphane Dedeyan, Chief Executive Officer of CNP Assurances, shares his vision and his roadmaps for pushing the limits of Insurance, before the conclusion by Jean-Louis Bancel, Chairman of La Fabrique d’Assurance.

The exchanges will soon be available on the website of La Fabrique d’Assurance

Alexandre ANDRE

Managing Director of La Fabrique d’Assurance

“The health crisis has highlighted some of the limits of Insurance, showing us that the company was not prepared for all scenarios. I would like to thank all the contributors, managers and experts who participated again this year in the work of La Fabrique d’Assurance to help reflect objectively on the subject and find concrete proposals to move the sector forward and push its limits.”

White Paper 2021 from La Fabrique d’Assurance: 30 concrete proposals to push the limits of Insurance

The 2021 White Paper brings together the contributions of several dozen participants, from particularly diverse and complementary backgrounds: jurists, lawyers, insurers, mutualists, provident institutions, brokers, actuaries, human resources, consultants, entrepreneurs, researchers, academics, economists , elected officials, senior officials and technology players, etc.

Their discussions focused on several themes: “Pushing back the limits of efficiency”, “Are there limits to insurability?” and “Does the insurer have unlimited liability?” Furthermore, in addition to the three Focus France themes “Personal insurance”, “Property and liability insurance” and “Insurance professions”, this year’s White Paper has been enriched with a new focus on concerns of French people and their expectations of their insurers.

Finally, as every year, concrete proposals were made by contributors. For example:

  • Give policyholders a global view of their insurance contracts by moving from a “product” perspective to an “insured” perspective.
  • Simplify technical insurance and contract jargon to make it easier to understand.
  • Improve the clarity of safeguards.
  • Promote, for personal protection risks, the creation of a minimum quality cover, in order to guarantee a vital minimum accessible to all to face the vagaries of life.
  • In the case of borrower insurance, decorrelate the insurance rate and the wear rate to improve access to insurance, because the greater the risk, the higher the insurance rate, and the lower the person has a chance of accessing a loan and the associated guarantees.
  • Create public/private insurance partnerships to anticipate the systemic nature of certain risks and respond to the difficulties of certain economic sectors in insuring or apprehending emerging risks.
  • Build a minimum base for the knowledge of cyber-risk and clarify the legal framework relating to cyber-risks/cyber-attacks by specifying in particular the legislation, for example with regard to the insurability of ransom payments.
  • Work on a framework conducive to the development of insurance companies that broaden their commitments to the development of economic and human activities, helping them to bear the costs of this transition.
  • Take action to encourage policyholders (companies and individuals) to take climate and environmental issues into account for prevention purposes.

More than ever, Insurance must be resilient but also show that its sector is capable of adapting, innovating and reinventing itself.

About The Insurance Factory

La Fabrique d’Assurance is an association bringing together insurers and experts from different backgrounds through workshops, seminars and digital tools. Inspired by the “Fab Lab”, La Fabrique d’Assurance was born in 2015 from a shared desire of the managers of CNP Assurances to imagine solutions to the current and future needs of policyholders. La Fabrique d’Assurance aims to provide a space for meeting and multidisciplinary dialogue. The objective of the association is to promote a dynamic of innovation by moving away from traditional models. In this approach, the priorities of the Social and Solidarity Economy are at the heart of our reflections.

Alexander Andre

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