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Cheatgrass… it’s along the road, in the fence and worst of all in the pasture. This invasive annual grass grows everywhere and spreads quickly.

The Marias River Livestock Association will host the Tools to Manage Cheatgrass Seminar on Wednesday, July 14, 2021, with a free barbecue beef dinner starting at 5:00 p.m. and presentations starting at 5:45 p.m. The event will take place in the Well Done Foundation conference area, 333 Main Street Shelby (right next to the liquor store).

Marias River Livestock Association will submit a request to the Extension Agency so that participants can eventually obtain pesticide applicator points.

Our first speaker is Stuart Jennings, who is a land reclamation researcher with over 30 years of experience in restoring degraded lands and who has taught soil remediation at MSU. Jennings is the founder of Edaphix, a company dedicated to developing non-synthetic products to improve soil health and stimulate the growth of native perennials. Jennings obtained several patents for using micronutrient fertilization to control invasive plants. He will explain how fixing the soil helps solve weed problems.

Steve Saunders, Range Management Specialist, Consultant for Bayer Environmental Science will then present. Suanders worked with the new herbicide Rejuvra. Rejuvra is designed to control invasive annual grasses in rangelands, parks and open spaces.

Cheatgrass, medusahead, ventenata, and red brome all compete with native perennial grasses and domestic forges used by livestock for food. These invasive annual grasses are poorly nutritious as they age and deplete moisture and nutrients needed by other plants. Cheatgrass is known to dry out quickly in summer, making large areas a serious fire hazard.

Saunders will provide an overview of the new anti-cheat herbicide, Rejuvra, and present some forage response data that he converted to help understand and understand the break-even point and ROI for controlling cheating on the rangelands. Rejuvra is a new herbicide that can actually help pastoralists transport more livestock or graze more days from their range resources. One application of Rejuvra can eliminate cheatgrass and many other annual grasses and invasive herbaceous plants that compete with native perennial forages which contribute to better grazing efficiency and lower cost savings for calves, thus reducing the cost of production. of the breeder.

He will also talk about controlling cheatgrass on the edges of cultivated fields, managing cheatgrass in dryland grass, alfalfa hay and sainfoin, crop rotations, managing other annual weeds and the requirements of pesticide applicators.

Everyone is welcome to attend and enjoy the free dinner and presentations.

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