Chargers Roundtable: Which offensive / defensive player are you most excited for against the 49ers?

Holy blast from the past, Batman!

It’s been a long time, but now that there is only one person providing content for the site, we are able to bring back roundtables!


Ahead of tonight’s exhibition, Garrett, Matthew and I have all named an offensive and a defensive player each that we’re excited to watch against the Niners.

It feels good to be back with some of the old team, so hopefully it will bring some nostalgia to some of you who have been stuck for a year and a half. I cannot thank you enough.

Now enough “feelings” and whatnot. Let’s dive in.


Michael: Hope to see big things from Donald Parham in today’s game. The 49ers do a great job coaching their linebackers, but it’s difficult to teach them how to defend someone with around five to six inches of height on you. His speed and length make him a confrontational nightmare and tonight is always a good time to have a notable performance.

Garret: Chargers 5th pick Brenden Jaimes went under the radar while being overshadowed by any rookie drafted before, but he put in a solid performance against the Rams. I’m looking to see how he fares against the DL 49ers in his second preseason game.

Matthew: I watch RB Justin Jackson and Josh Kelley. The depth chart behind Austin Ekeler is a mess right now and both veterans were eclipsed by rookie Larry Rountree and Darius Bradwell last week. If they don’t change things quickly, they could end up in a new uniform this season.


Michael Peterson: It may be an odd choice for some, but I’m excited to watch cornerback KJ Sails. The South Florida rookie is one of the latest additions to the squad and he already seems to have made an impact on his teammates and the social media team, appearing often on the club’s instagram feed. After several remarkable pieces made last week, I have a feeling Sails will appear again tonight.

Garrett Sisti: UDFA LB Amen Ogbongbemiga has made its way into the rotation with the holders sometimes at camp. Against the Rams, he had a bad opening streak that led to a TD but was subsequently blocked. I am looking for an Ogbongbemiga bounce game.

Matthieu Stanely: I’ll be watching Mark Webb. He received good reviews outside the camp and due to a minor injury he missed the first preseason game. I’m interested to see how he performs on the pitch in a live game as well as how he’s used with his slightly smaller size and measurable elements.

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