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The Panola County Commissioner’s precinct is due to be changed after the latest census information showed a population gap of 21.32% between the four constituencies.

The commissioners met Thursday morning for the first of two drawing workshops.

Phillip Arnold and Josh Bristol, along with Bickerstaff Heath Delgado Acosta LLP, were on the phone for the meeting, with a map presentation and potential new constituency lines in the county.

“District one is the biggest district and district three is the smallest, so… we need district three to take over part of district one,” said Arnold. “Districts two and four could stay the same for the most part. “

Bristol explained what the lines mean on the map and where some of the boundary lines are in the county.

“For example, you had one that went out until ’79, then up Terry here,” he said. “And then you also had district two going down from 572 to Wellington. So what we did to sort of resolve the population between one and three is to take part of enclosure two as well, so an enclosure here, and then to gain the population that two lost, we in. took more than one that was so overcrowded from that area here.

“So that balanced out the districts, brought it down to less than a five percent total gap, which is great,” Bristol said. “But of course you all know your neighborhood and what your people are going to like or hate better. It is only a preliminary plan that we have come up with that would solve your deviation problem.

Most of the changes are taking place within the city of Carthage.

“We can draw these lines in different ways and move the districts any way you want,” Arnold said. “I think we have a lot of options with Panola County, because Carthage is the center, it’s where the people are, it’s where all the neighborhoods meet. There are a lot of ways to cut the cake so to speak. So if you all want to see us move these neighborhoods, move the lines, that’s what we’re here to do today, and just tell us how you want to do it, and we’ll stand by your side and let you go. think about it all for a moment and let us know what you want.

In order to prevent enclosure three from wrapping around enclosure two, they gave two a bit of one and a bit of two. Enclosure four stayed the same because its population hadn’t really changed, and they didn’t need to modify it to balance speakers one and three, Arnold said.

The commissioners said they were satisfied with the plan. The only complaint was the movement of Davis Park out of District Two.

“The only thing that concerns me is the way we move our ballot box out of Davis Park,” Pct. 2 said Commissioner David Cole. “I have to find another place to put it.”

Election administrator Loretta Mason added it would cause a lot of confusion for their constituents because they have been voting there for so long, but Commissioners and Judge David Anderson agreed they would just have to do what they had to do.

The second drawing workshop is set for Thursday, October 21 at 9 a.m., and the final plan will be adopted on Tuesday, November 9 at 1:30 p.m.

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Winston-Salem principals focus on student relations and intervention strategies at school safety workshop Thu, 07 Oct 2021 13:32:20 +0000

WINSTON-SALEM, North Carolina (WGHP) – A Triad school system is hosting a comprehensive workshop on safety and security after a month plagued by children bringing guns to schools.

Schools in Winston-Salem Forsyth County are hosting a two-hour Safe and Secure Schools workshop, which is attended by district staff and community members.

District leaders say they are trying to avoid using band-aid measures on things. They are studying in depth a multilevel strategy for safety and security.

School leaders say they are taking a three-step approach, starting with new security measures. Then, they will move on to implementing new prevention measures and finally, they will focus on intervention strategies.

Some security measures being discussed are random checks at school as well as a clear bag requirement.

The list of new measures is long, including gang intervention, anonymous reporting systems, and ongoing work with a national security expert to update their approach as needed.

WSFCS Superintendent Tricia McManus says it’s important that they take these safety precautions while building relationships with students and making sure they feel taken care of.

This is just an information workshop, so no action will take place, and we will have more on this when the meeting ends around 10 a.m.

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Week of writing workshops offered to graduate students Thu, 07 Oct 2021 05:15:22 +0000

A week of academic writing workshops will be offered virtually to graduate students from Monday October 8 to Friday October 15. Vernetta K. Williams, Ph.D., founder of Cultivate the Writer, will lead discussions on topics necessary for graduate students to succeed as writers and contributors in their respective fields. The workshops include the following virtual sessions:

  • Monday, October 11 – Meeting professors’ expectations for research-based writing (5-6:30 p.m. CT)
  • Tuesday October 12 – Writing Productivity (5 p.m.-6.30 p.m. CT)
  • Wednesday October 13 – Literature review (5 p.m.-6.30 p.m. CT)
  • Thursday October 14 – Elements of Sound Academic Argument (5-6:30 p.m. CT)
  • Friday, October 15 – The Art of Revision (Noon to 1:30 p.m. CT)

These sessions expand the offerings available to current U of A graduate students through our new membership to the online Cultivate Writer platform.

Cultivate the writer is designed to transform academics into competent writers through academic writing boot camps, editing services, coaching sessions, and personalized writing services.

The workshops are organized by the Graduate Student Support Office. For more information about these virtual workshops or a Cultivate Writer membership, send an email to

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All-you-can-eat cooking, music and gardening workshops at FallFest | Nvdaily Wed, 06 Oct 2021 16:08:00 +0000

A free festival this Saturday on Back Road in Middletown will offer fall planting tips as well as music and family activities.

Northern Shenandoah Valley Master Gardener Association Fall 2021 will be 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Richard’s Fruit Market on Middle Road.

This is the organization’s third FallFest, organizer Jennifer Adams said. Last year’s festival was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and another year she said a hurricane canceled the festivities.

Saturday’s event will be rain or shine, she said, but since it’s outside, heavy enough rains could affect the schedule.

“It depends on the intensity of the rain,” she said.

Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners will be giving educational lectures starting at 10:00 am Lectures will cover Putting the Garden to Bed at 10:00 am with Rodney Dowty, Bulbs & Woody Propagation at 10:30 am with Lynn Hoffman and Spotted Lantern Fly at 1:00 pm 30 with Joanne Royalty and Kate Reed.

Workshops and demonstrations will cover Seed Saving at 10:30 am with Kerry Higdon, Perennial Division at 11:00 am with Pat Burselem, Dried Flowers Pressed at 11:30 am with Helen Lake and Debbie Alverson, Pumpkin Carving at 12:30 pm with Tricia Boyd, Sharpening Winter Maintenance & Tools at 1:00 p.m. with Glenn Martin, and Monarch Butterfly Marker Demonstration / Crossing Stations at 1:30 p.m. with Glenn Martin.

There will be gifts of roots and tubers for the guests and their gardens.

Music will be provided by the Shenandoah Strummers at 11 a.m., the West Can Jug Band at 11:30 a.m., the Village at Orchard Ridge Dulcimer Ensemble at noon, the Stormy Weather Band at 12:45 p.m. and dulcimer and flute at 2 p.m.

Cooking with Apples by Vanessa Santiago will take place at noon, and guests can also snuggle up around the fireplaces to make s’mores (with supervision) from 11:30 am to 1 pm.

“This educational event aims to help homeowners maintain their gardens and grow plants with research-based information,” says a press release from the Northern Shenandoah Valley Master Gardener Association.

The festival will also include information on how to become a master gardener, and Richard’s Fruit Market is ready to offer farm tours. Look for a sign-up sheet on site.

Free parking will be available. Food will be available for purchase.

Although in recent years the festival has been held in Belle Grove, Adams said she can’t wait to take in Richard’s beautiful surroundings.

“It’s lovely, it’s really lovely,” she said.

In recent years, FallFest has hosted guests in September as well, but she said it can often get too hot.

“Our goal was to make it look like fall,” she said.

For more information visit Where

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Local artist opens printmaking studio with workshops available Wed, 06 Oct 2021 02:00:12 +0000

Photo by Jacy Lewis

A local artist opens his own print studio that artists can rent. The company – Cheese Factory Press – will host a grand opening on Friday for potential customers to experience the space. Midlander Andrew Lawson saw the opportunity to create a mutually beneficial space for the community and himself.

“It started for my own needs because my own professional practice needed a place to work,” he said. “Midland doesn’t have a place that offers facilities for artists to do printmaking practices.”

Lawson said he wanted to kill two birds with one stone, creating space for himself and allowing printmakers to create a place. The Southwest Midland studio will also offer educational workshops for newcomers to the practice.

Lawson received his Masters of Fine Arts from Texas Tech University. He works extensively with intaglio prints, etchings, and engravings, although he can do most of the artistic processes.

From October 16, the boutique will offer several workshops on the creation of engravings and relief printing. Those who wish to participate in workshops do not need to have previous experience. Lawson would also like to present talks by artists, the Midland Arts Council and local museums in the space. He has also lived in Austin and Lubbock, which he says both have creative spaces for artists and hobbyists.

Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Friday at 3241 Franklin Ave., Suite A.

Visit the website for more information on workshops and space rental.

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KPG Funds Announces Funding for Climate Solutions Workshops in New York Communities Tue, 05 Oct 2021 12:38:00 +0000

NEW YORK, October 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Real estate investment company KPG Funds today announced a renewed partnership and sponsorship with Ecological City: Art & Climate Solutions workshops at Earth Celebrations. This vast series of workshops offered free of charge, from March 5 – May 11 invites residents, youth and local groups to collaborate with our artists in residence to create visual arts, giant puppets and costumes exploring local sites and their climate solution initiatives, from the bio-channels from community gardens that filter pollution runoff, water harvesting solar ponds and micro-grids, to green roofs and rooftop bee farms, as well as a community vision plan for climate resilience on the front lines sea.

“At KPG Funds, we put sustainability and the environment at the forefront of everything we do, so we are delighted to continue to sponsor the Ecological City: Art & Climate Solutions workshops of Earth Celebrations”, co-founder and CEO of Greg Kraut.

“KPG Funds sponsorship of Earth Celebrations Ecological City: Art & Climate Solutions workshops has been critical to our ability to engage community through the arts in inspiring climate solutions initiatives in community gardens, neighborhood and waterfront. sea. ” Felicia Young, Founder and Executive Director Earth Celebrations

“NYC is leading the way with local environmentally friendly laws and KPG wants to strengthen these noble efforts. We are honored to be able to continue to help educate others on achievable environmental initiatives, ”Rod Kritsberg co-founder and CIO. “KPG is actively working to reduce our risk of climate change.”

Visual and performance art works created in workshops culminate in the Green City: Art & Climate Solutions Pageant on Saturday 14 May 2021. The spectacular theatrical show features a visual art and giant puppet procession with 20 on-site performances of music, dance, drama and poetry celebrating the sustainable urban ecosystem of the Lower East Side in community gardens, the neighborhood and the sea ​​front.

Through the arts, Earth Celebrations engages community participants to make a deeper connection to the natural world in the urban environment and to work together creatively to cultivate a sustainable future.

Earth Celebrations was founded in 1991 by the artist Felicia Young apply the arts to build community, collaboration and action on climate change, water quality, river restoration, waste management and the preservation of community gardens, parks and a healthy urban environment. Through pioneering cultural strategies, Earth Celebrations establishes diverse sectoral partnerships with local organizations, academic institutions, government agencies, schools, youth and community residents to address climate challenges, develop solutions and generate ecological, political and social changes.

Media contact:
Greg kraut
[email protected]


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Sacramento County to Host JDTRC Community Workshop Mon, 04 Oct 2021 18:59:07 +0000
The Sacramento County Probation Department, in conjunction with Behavioral Health Services and the Public Defender’s Office, will host a Community Diversion Resource and Treatment Center (JDTRC) workshop to educate the public about the program and facilitate community participation in a question and answer session. The community workshop will take place virtually. Interpreters or reasonable accommodation are available upon request.

When: October 19, 2021, 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. (Registration begins at 5:25 p.m.)

The agenda for the JDTRC community workshop will include:

  • Opening speech and presentation of JDTRC partners;
  • Overview of the project schedule;
  • Overview of available services;
  • Presentation of the website; and
  • Public question and answer session.
In June 2020, the Board of Supervisors authorized the Sacramento County Probation Department to accept funding from the California Health Facility Financing Authority’s Community Services Infrastructure Grants Program to create the JDTRC located at 711 G St. This location’s proximity to the Sacramento Main Jail and Superior Court will remove the transportation barriers faced by the population to be served.

The overall vision of the project is to create an easily accessible community mental health diversion and treatment center for people 18 years of age and over living with mental illness and / or concurrent substance use disorders and / or those who suffer from trauma and participate in the Mental Health Diversion Program. The project will divert individuals from prison or prison and provide services focused on mental health, substance use disorders and trauma, including referrals to community providers, contact with a health worker. probation and legal advice from a lawyer.

Partner agencies include:

  • Probation service
  • Behavioral health services
  • Office of the Public Defender
  • California Superior Court, Sacramento County
  • Department of Human Assistance
  • Correctional health services
  • Sacramento Sheriff’s Office

For more information, please contact:

Office: (916) -875-4204


Office: (916) 875-0018

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Community youth empowerment workshops start this Tuesday Sun, 03 Oct 2021 22:00:46 +0000

Community Youth Empowerment has put together a list of workshops for this school year, covering everything from diversity to healthy relationships and financial literacy.

The organization aims to provide high school students with skills, knowledge and mentorship to help ensure youth success. The workshop series is open to middle and high school students and is not limited to Wareham students.

“This is usually a very interactive and engaging workshop with a guest speaker or someone who has expertise,” said Jowaun Gamble, the founder of the group.

He said typical workshops start with some time to settle in and get comfortable, often with a snack. Then the guest speaker will share a presentation of some general knowledge or information, followed by small group discussions before the group comes together for a larger discussion and questions and answers.

“We hope that young people are also part of the conversation and that they are able to incorporate some of the general skills or knowledge that we provide them into their daily lives,” said Gamble.

The material covered in the workshops includes skills that students will need as they enter adulthood: financial literacy, goal setting, scheduling, and mental health awareness, among other topics.

“It’s not a classroom,” Gamble said. “These are real conversations. And really, we are looking for students to tell us how they feel. We also want to be the sounding board for the students.

Events take place every second Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at the Onset Bay Center, 184 Onset Ave. Entrance is via the concrete stairs at the rear of the building.

The subjects are:

October 5: Introduction to CYE (with free food from Marc Anthony’s)

October 19: Diversity and inclusion

November 2: implicit bias

November 16: discussion on a hot topic I

November 30: Substance abuse

December 14: Mental health awareness

January 4: new year, new me

January 18: Healthy relationships

February 1: Nutrition and fitness

February 15: Hot Topic Discussion II

March 1: Automotive

March 13: Financial Literacy I

March 29: Financial Literacy II

April 12: Career exploration

April 26: Professional development ALKU

May 10: Career fair

In addition to the workshop series, CYE will be hosting a trunk or treat event on October 30 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Onset VFW at 4 Gibbs Ball Park Rd. CYE is looking for people to register their cars to distribute sweets.

Gamble said those interested in supporting CYE can spread the word to teens who might be interested in the workshops, donate or volunteer by hosting a workshop or serving as a mentor. Mentors must undergo a CORI check, fingerprinting and interview.

To learn more about CYE, visit the organization’s website Facebook page or email

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Richmond needs your help to chart new City Council neighborhood lines Sat, 02 Oct 2021 21:19:04 +0000

Richmond will use recently released 2020 US Census data to redraw the city’s political boundaries and urge residents to help.

Three public workshops have already taken place online and two more are planned for January and February. But anyone who wants to participate can submit maps and suggestions via email.

The census triggers a redistribution of political borders across the country every 10 years. In Richmond, city council representation will likely be reconfigured accordingly. The exercise comes one year after Richmond past general council seats, considered biased, to a district system, where each geographic area is guaranteed representation.

Richmond hired the National Demographics Corp. to facilitate the process.

Richmond City Council District Map 2020

Residents can personalize a map, describing what they think Richmond’s political districts should look like. NDC will present the submitted maps to the board, which has the final say on the limits.

While the cards must balance the population equally across districts, even those that do not comply with the rules will be scrutinized, NDC said. Demographics The data residents can use to build their maps can be found on the Richmond Redistribution website.

“One of the most effective ways to make your voice heard is to submit a card,” said Shalice Tilton, senior consultant at NDC. “It doesn’t matter how a card was submitted. You can take a cocktail napkin and draw a map.

The digital tools for building plans can be found under the “draw a map” tab on the city clipping site. Paper maps for working are available in the lobby of 450 Civic Center Plaza. Submissions can be made by email to

Richmond drew district lines in 2020 in response to a possible trial from a lawyer who argued that the general system diluted the vote for Latino residents. But this map, which NDC was also involved in creating, is obsolete because it was based on data from the 2010 census.

In terms of outreach, City Clerk Pamela Christian says her office has sent out information to local media, broadcast notices on the local KCRT TV station, and emailed 127 organizations in the hope that they will spread awareness of the issue. participation. But many locals said they were unaware of the workshops.

In the September 14 redistribution session, city council member Melvin Willis said the city may have relied too much on online correspondence, excluding people without internet access. , including many older residents.

“I just don’t want these people to fall through the cracks because of the digital divide,” he said.

Even some who are online say the outreach efforts have not been effective.

“I consider myself quite connected to Wi-Fi and interested in what’s going on in the city,” resident Jacqueline Thalberg said at the September meeting. “But I have to say I don’t know any of this, which is a very important subject.”

To broaden the reach, Willis suggested sending postcards, sending text messages, and handing out flyers to school children.

Others fear that language barriers are preventing some voices from being heard. The cutting workshops were organized in English and Spanish, an oversight which, according to Claudia Jimenez, a member of the municipal council, could leave behind large populations.

Even though people were aware of the workshops, the online tools may be too complicated or too time consuming for some to use. The lack of in-person training sessions, which have taken place in the past, makes the process more difficult.

Tilton says that due to COVID-19, the city will not be hosting in-person workshops, but she suggested people watch a video explaining the tools found on the Redistribution website and on Youtube.

When the last map was drawn, face-to-face meetings were held in various neighborhoods, said Myrtle Braxton, secretary of the West Contra Costa chapter of the League of Women Voters. She urged the city to consider doing so and to offer more training to help people formulate maps.

Parchester Neighborhood Council President Rita Johnson said she did not find the virtual workshops and toolkits useful.

“I tried using this tool and got so confused because I’m not really computer savvy,” Johnson said, adding that the workshops “just show you the end result, not how to get there.”

Richmond Neighborhood Coordinating Council Chair Jan Mignone plans to host her own in-person training session at Hilltop Community Church to give people from different neighborhoods the opportunity to discuss the communities that belong to each neighborhood. .

In addition to the website, people can get information about the mapping process at town hall secretariat.

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Master gardeners will be holding a major pruning workshop this month Sat, 02 Oct 2021 05:02:15 +0000

Union County Master Gardeners will be hosting a hands-on pruning workshop later this month, with local Master Gardener Doug Stanton.

Stanton, owner of Douglas Stanton Architecture and Landscape Design in El Dorado, will share general tips and advice on pruning his garden. The workshop will be hands-on, so participants will have the opportunity to practice. Those present are kindly requested to bring their pruning shears, pruners and gardening gloves.

Stanton has worked in the field of architecture and landscaping for over 25 years; Originally from Texas, he ran a design company in Southern California before moving to El Dorado in 2017.

Master gardener John Seagraves will also be present at the workshop to sharpen garden tools free of charge.

According to a press release, the pruning workshop will give attendees the opportunity to learn how to control their shrubs, meet other people who share their interest in gardening, and learn more about the Master Gardener program. .

The workshop is scheduled for Saturday October 16 at 9:30 am at the Newton House Museum at 510 N. Jackson St. in El Dorado.

For more information, follow the Union County Master Gardeners page on Facebook.

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