The State of the Municipal Recycling Industry in the United States

Home to a growing number of hospitals, universities, and leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies, the state of Massachusetts has built what some experts describe as the largest center for medical technology in the United States. In 2020, venture capital investments in Massachusetts biopharmaceutical companies reached $ 5.8 billion, surpassing the …

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Learning goes beyond the classroom at CSB / SJU

Saint-Benoît College, interim president Not so long ago, university admissions representatives were faced with questions from potential students about their dorms and dining options. These questions always arise. (For the record, the College of Saint-Benoît has excellent answers to these questions.) But today, students are just as likely to ask, …

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The Creative and Collaborative Use of Neutral Experts in Environmental Mediations – How to Turn the “Battle of the Experts” into a Rewarding Resolution Strategy | JAMS

Most litigation involves a procedural phase of preparing and exchanging expert reports and questioning expert opinions. In environmental matters, where science issues are often at the heart of a conflict, this step is particularly important. It can also be particularly long, contentious and costly. While lawyers are very accustomed to …

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