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Many Americans across the political spectrum are calling for federal action on guns following a mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, a grocery store in Buffalo, NY and hundreds of other places.

But buried in a bipartisan compromise reached by the US Senate on Tuesday is an unrelated provision they might not be so happy about. By the way, the gun bill would improve the exemption drug intermediaries working with Medicare have from the federal government”Anti-bribery law.”

This means that in this era of soaring costs, Senate negotiators have moved to further insulate the nation’s largest health care companies from a federal law prohibiting accepting”any bribe, bribe or rebate” – using a bill that is supposed to regulate guns.

The offices of the two main negotiators, Sens. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Chris Murphy, D-Conn., did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The cost of drugs has become an increasingly pressing issue in the United States, with Gallup estimating last year that 18 million Americans couldn’t afford at least one of their prescription drugs. Meanwhile, a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center last month indicated that the cost of health care was the #2 issue for Americans, ranking only behind inflation.

Still, the Senate-negotiated gun bill would protect some of the biggest players in prescription drugs and health care in general.

The three largest drug intermediaries, or drug benefit managers, in the United States control more than 70% of the market and they have a big influence on how this business is handled. They work on behalf of insurers (and they are increasingly owned by the same companies) to create pharmacy networks, determine reimbursements and facilitate transactions.

But it’s in their dealings with big drugmakers that the Bribery Act comes into play.

The big three PBMs – CVS Caremark, Express Scripts and OptumRx – create formularies: lists of drugs covered and with what co-pay. And because these PBMs represent more than seven-tenths of all insured Americans, drugmakers have a strong incentive to list their products on their formularies.

To gain more favorable placement on the formulary, drugmakers will offer discounts to PBMs in the form of “discounts” that the manufacturer pays to the PBM, which then pays the insurance company,” the American Economic Liberties wrote. Project, an anti-monopoly organization. in a report which was released on Wednesday. “Yet, because PBMs are exempt from an anti-kickback law under Medicare, they are allowed to take a share of the rebate. The larger a reimbursement for a drug, the more PBM can If not for the exemption, bribes like this are normally a criminal offence.

This exemption is discussed on page 55 of the firearms bill. It would extend it from January 1, 2026 to January 1, 2027.

It’s unclear how an extension was slipped into unrelated legislation. A spokesperson for an industry group PBM could not immediately be reached for comment.

In the background, a staffer for Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said a gun deal must be reached, adding that the fight against rising drug costs continues.

“This bill is the first significant bipartisan gun legislation Congress has advanced in decades,” the staffer said in an email. “The legislation will also fund school-based health programs and expand community mental health services which, as Senator Brown heard at roundtables across the state, are much needed.

“We will continue to fight for Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) reform and have already successfully got the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to finalize a rule that will prohibit PBMs from issuing retroactive direct and indirect compensation charges,” added the staff member. “This will help patients save money at the pharmacy counter and protect community pharmacies.”

Matthew Lloyd, spokesman for fellow senator who supports the gun bill, Rob Portman, R-Ohio, did not respond directly when asked how the bribe protections -vin PBM had been incorporated into the Firearms Bill. But he pointed out that the Biden administration had already extended them by one year, and last year’s bipartisan infrastructure bill extended them by another three.

In the latter case, Portman advocated the deferral because the federal government collects a portion of the reimbursements under the Medicare program. The Congressional Budget Office estimated that keeping the reimbursement rule would net the government about $180 billion over a decade, freeing up money to spend on things like infrastructure.

Lloyd also noted that the US Department of Health and Human Services estimates that Medicare premiums would increase by 25% if PBMs are no longer allowed to take bribes. This ignores, however, other expenses faced by Medicare beneficiaries and the general public.

Drug discounts are believed to be one of the main culprits behind the rising cost of prescription drugs. A 2020 study by the Schaeffer Center at the University of Southern California found that every $1 increase in rebates correlates with a $1.17 increase in list drug prices.

Medicare beneficiaries would feel those increases when their copayments are based on them — and when their costs are based on list prices when they enter the infamous “doughnut hole.”

“Because (Medicare) Part D sponsors typically base enrollee prescribing cost sharing on list prices, higher prices may increase beneficiary out-of-pocket costs,” a Congressional Research Service report said last month. .

Then, earlier this month, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it would investigate the system of manufacturers offering rebates and other fees in exchange for favorable treatment on PBM forms.

Community pharmacists in Ohio and elsewhere have complained for years that the unfair practices of PBMs — which own their own pharmacies — are driving them out of business. A spokeswoman for the National Community Pharmacists Association said on Wednesday that the expansion of bribery protections in the proposed gun bill was fishy.

“It’s wrong on two levels: First, giving PBMs an extension of one of their biggest scams hurts patients and prevents real drug price transparency,” she said. “Second, hiding it in an unrelated gun bill is slippery and prevents real debate.”

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NYU Institute taps Haitian Roundtable Founder as Executive Director Tue, 21 Jun 2022 14:09:51 +0000

by Michael B. Cleverley

NEW YORK, NY – Rosemonde Pierre-Louis, founder of The Haitian Roundtable, has been named executive director of the McSilver Institute for Poverty Policy and Research at New York University.

The institute’s goal is to interrupt generational poverty through research and policy development. Pierre-Louis’ responsibilities, beginning July 1, will include launching new programs and creating policy initiatives.

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9th Annual National Strip Tillage Conference Returns to Iowa | Local News Sun, 19 Jun 2022 17:59:00 +0000

CORALVILLE — For the first time in four years, the annual National Strip Tillage Conference is returning to Iowa, where the conference began nine years ago.

The event will take place July 28-29 at the Hyatt Regency Conference Center in Coralville. Content covers a myriad of topics for profitable results in strip-till farming, including equipment configurations, cover crops, intercropping, economic analyses, soil testing/analysis, methods fertilization and more.

Unique from other agricultural conferences, the mix of general sessions, classroom and farmer-to-farmer roundtables and face-to-face with suppliers – all designed for maximum networking and convenient transfer of knowledge. experience and knowledge. The range includes:

General sessions – covering an abundance of proven strip-till ideas and strategies. National experts this year include Mike Petersen of Colorado, Jodi DeJong Hughes of Minnesota, John Kempf of Ohio, Chris Perkins of Indiana and David Bullock of Illinois.

People also read…

Round tables between farmers — informal and moderated peer-to-peer discussions on specific topics related to strip-till. Participants should come up with 5 questions to answer in this proven format to share what works and what doesn’t.

Classroom — In-depth, presentation-style sessions convey practical, actionable insights from experienced strip-tillers on the most pressing needs.

Strip-Till Innovator of the Year — The 2022 winner of the best-in-class program is announced and the keys to its success as a benchmark strip-till operation.

Bonus workshop at Kinze Manufacturing & Tour — In this first-ever off-site workshop, Kinze welcomes farmers for a behind-the-scenes look at one of North America’s largest privately owned farm equipment manufacturers. Following the factory tour and museum experience, a dynamic and intimate lunch workshop (48 attendees) features renowned soil health expert Jim Hoorman from Ohio.

Sponsors making the unique learning experience possible include: AgroLiquid, Martin-Till, Dawn Equipment Co., Environmental Tillage Systems, Kuhn Krause, Montag Mfg., Orthman, Schlagel Mfg., Vulcan Equipment, Yetter Mfg., ESN by Nutrien and Agrisolutions. North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) and Case IH multi-store dealer JJ Nichting are also providing support.

Attendees will earn continuing education credits at the event. For more information, visit Watch the video at

The event is hosted by Strip-Till Farmer, one of several properties operated by Wisconsin-based agricultural publisher Lessiter Media.

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Kate Middleton ignores Queen’s number one rule Fri, 17 Jun 2022 21:05:59 +0000 The Duchess of Cambridge skipped a key event on the royal calendar this week – and she did it for a very surprising reason.

Previously, as a queen, you could do just about anything you liked.

Invade Calais, seduce Sir Walter Raleigh or, as Queen Victoria did, simply go camping in Scotland for years and refuse to do any work.

Our current queen inherited a much, much more constrained royal paradigm. No talking politics, no drinking day, no invasion of Catholic countries and no real power. In return, she could wave all she wanted and open parliament from time to time.

Queen Mary summed up the rigidity and repetitiveness of royal working life when she said somewhat sardonically: “We are never tired and we all love hospitals. »

Future Queen Catherine clearly doesn’t have a bar of it.

Oh sure, the woman currently known as Kate, Duchess of Cambridge has opened many hospitals and is doing a wonderful job of increasing Diana’s care to positive levels when needed. Even boot-faced Mary would surely have approved of the Duchess’ sick child hugging routine.

But the events of this week are all the proof we need that Kate has no intention of sticking to the royal line and following the same predictable path as all the women who have come before her.

Ascot was back in full swing on Tuesday for the first time since 2019: That annual gathering of royalty, horse-obsessed hangers and horses are returning with enthusiasm after the pandemic. Traditionally, the five-day event has been a firm fixture in the royal newspapers with just about all Windsors coping and having a wonderful time.

This year’s release saw something of a return to normality. Zara Tindall and her husband Mike as well as Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi recorded multiple appearances, beaming and proving that a girl really can get a wonderful dress for just four figures.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall also cut a fine figure, leading the carriage procession twice.

Everything would have been normal for the privileged course, except that two batches of royals were obviously AWOL: Her Majesty, who was back at Castle One putting her feet up and watching the whole action on TV, and Kate and her husband Prince William.

Overall, in the past, the Cambridges have been there on the first or second day, which is usually when we see the Windsors showing up in greater numbers. (Although they finally arrived on Friday UK time, that was after missing much of the famous race.) Instead, as Ascot was in full swing, rather than spending time Deciding to put a monkey each way on the fourth race, the Duke and Duchess were an hour’s drive away in London doing the craziest thing: working.

On the same day that the royal cousins ​​were, once again, in creative force and soaking up the sun, Kate was convening a roundtable from her Center for Early Years which included not one but two government ministers. The images couldn’t be more striking: one of pretty hats and thrift, another of a suit-clad Kate in a study lined with books sitting across from Sajid Javid, the Health Secretary, and Will Quince, the minister’s families. Heck, they even had one of those four-table tables they normally reserve for peace talks or UN conferences.

While over the past few years Kate has regularly brought together a battalion of scholars, boffins, thinkers and early childhood development researchers, this week’s meeting was the first time she has attracted ministers government in what was a marked escalation in its seriousness and ambition.

It is far from unique.

The Court Circular, the official daily update of royal activity, was just a plaque unveiling after the pediatric ward’s visit after the ship’s christening, a monotonous list of arm’s-length benefactors.

While Diana, Princess of Wales has strayed from this well-trodden path, it has been during her 15-year tenure as an active member of the Royal Family, a gradual rebellion against the status quo and a commitment to do things his way. .

One need only skim through the final months of the Court Circular to see how far Kate has gone much further, having stepped up her work on this issue with the kind of professionalism and single-minded dedication that has traditionally been antithetical to the Path of Windsor.

Already this month, between all the platinum jubilee festivities and her participation in Garter Day, Kate has met, among others, a professor of developmental neuroscience and psychopathology, an expert in maternal mental health and the CEO from the polling company Ipsos.

In an essay for the Telegraph titled Why we wanted to work with the Duchess of Cambridge, public health specialist Dr Xand van Tulleken and his twin brother, virologist Dr Chris van Tulleken, wrote: “This is not a blitzkrieg, with a well-known name as a figure of bow, involved peripherally. Nor is it one person’s fanciful idea that it would be “nice to do something for the kids.”

“There is nothing insubstantial about this work.”

Can you imagine Her Majesty setting aside time to talk to a professor of developmental neuroscience and psychopathology?

Never before have we seen a future queen want to spend her time sitting in rooms full of people with doctorates instead of people who are members of the Hurlingham Club.

What’s so shocking, yet so wonderful here, is that no one saw it coming. Kate has never been known to be too bookish or academic or even have a great work ethic.

Remember the version of Kate that made headlines for years? The woman who was perpetually accused of enjoying too much floating down the King’s Road buying pretty dresses and planning getaways to Mosquito?

Sure, the Duchess of Cambridge was generally considered pretty and fruitful enough for the future Queen gig, but for years she stood up for nothing.

Not anymore.

It had always seemed that, in her time as queen, she would function as a purely ornamental addition to the royal household, her greatest contribution to the monarchy being an injection of fresh DNA to create photogenic heirs. Oh, and she would look great on stamps.

What we have instead is a delightfully awkward Duchess whose commitment to bettering society goes far beyond doing charity for the cameras. What is clear is that she does the boring work here – the meetings, the reading, the round tables, the homework. Not only that, she does all of this with the clear-headed appreciation that it won’t result in any kind of immediate dividends, PR or otherwise.

As Kate said this week, “I’m going for the long haul – it will take generations to change this landscape, but hopefully this is the start of change.”

Over the past few years, with the world busy watching the Harry and Meghan show unfold in all its bloody emotional glory, followed by Prince Andrew’s disgusting mess, Kate has transformed into a force to be reckoned with. .

A force that does not hesitate to come dangerously close to the Westminster fray. The royal family is expected, of course, to stay far, far away from it all, even with the faintest whiff of politics. Call it the first rule of royalty, if you will.

However, Kate is not straying to the edges with her Early Years Centre, but looking to play a role in shaping policy and therefore potentially even government spending in the future, and that obviously falls within the realm of Politics.

Who would have thought that the woman whose greatest contribution to British society was to elevate the bare wedge heel into the public consciousness could do something so delightfully radical?

If Queen Mary could see what the Duchess of Cambridge was doing now, she would have collusion. Could there be a higher form of praise than this?

Daniela Elser is a royal pundit and writer with over 15 years of experience working with a number of top media titles in Australia.

RNC launches events to recruit poll watchers. Protesters say it’s a plan to harass urban voters | New Thu, 16 Jun 2022 00:23:00 +0000

MADISON (WKOW) — The Republican National Committee on Wednesday hosted the first in a series of events to educate conservative volunteers about how they can serve as election observers and election workers this year.

Protesters and liberal critics have accused the GOP of recruiting people to disrupt voting at polling places in the state’s largest cities.

Protesters gathered outside the Esquire club in Kavanaugh on the north side of Madison on Wednesday afternoon. The RNC, in partnership with the Republican Party of Wisconsin, has held what it calls “Election Integrity Roundtables” in Madison and Onalaska.

Former state Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly was scheduled to attend the events. A total of nine were scheduled during the week, ending Saturday with programs in Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha.

The event listings describe them as an opportunity to ask questions about how elections are administered in the state and offer recommendations for improving party strategy.

“It’s really important, to make sure that citizens understand the process and that they know how they can participate as a poll worker, an observer, a chief inspector,” said Rep. Janel Brandtjen (R-Menomonee Falls).

Liberal groups and Democratic lawmakers including Sen. Melissa Agard (D-Madison) and Rep. Francesca Hong (D-Madison) spoke at a protest outside the Madison restaurant. They accused the GOP of plotting to have an army of troublemakers causing trouble at urban polling places and launching frivolous ballot challenges throughout the August and November elections.

“This is an effort, not to persuade people to vote for their side, but to deter and harass people who might vote in ways they don’t like,” said Matt Rothschild, executive director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign. “And that’s not how our democracy is supposed to work.”

RNC spokeswoman Rachel Reisner accused protesters of harassing Tories who sought to take an active role in overseeing the 2022 midterm elections.

“Democrats protesting and intimidating volunteers who want to become poll watchers and workers are disenfranchising Republicans who have a legal right to be involved in the process,” Reisner said.

What exactly Republicans are discussing at these roundtables is unclear. The RNC is banning the press and general public from observing the events.

“I wasn’t invited either,” Brandtjen said when asked about the lack of transparency at the events. “I haven’t received a full program on this and, as I understand it, observer training, reviewing ongoing issues. I can’t answer for them.”

Brandtjen is listed as a guest speaker at the “Election Integrity Summit” June 24-25 in Wauwatosa. Brandtjen, who chairs the Assembly Elections Committee, has invited speakers who have made baseless allegations of widespread voter fraud in 2020.

Courts, recounts and criticism from nonpartisan state officials and a conservative group all concluded there was no widespread fraud in Wisconsin, which President Joe Biden won by more than 20,000 votes.

The event is hosted by Cleta Mitchell, who was a lawyer for former President Donald Trump and was on the phone when Trump tried to pressure the Georgian secretary of state to “find” more votes for him.

Michael Gableman, whom Assembly Republicans have hired to oversee their review of the 2020 election, is also scheduled to speak at the two-day forum. A Dane County judge said Wednesday he was fining Gableman $2,000 a day after finding Gableman dismissive for his failure to provide all relevant documents from his election review.

Judge Frank Remington also referred Gableman to the Office of Lawyer Regulation for possible discipline following his outburst on the witness stand on Friday and mocking Remington over a hot microphone during a recess.

Register Today: US Summit on Energy Security and International Trade Tue, 14 Jun 2022 03:04:53 +0000

Washington, DC – June 13, 2022 – American Energy & Infrastructure executives and senior managers interested in international multilateral trade and business expansion in Eastern Europe are encouraged to register for the American Energy Security and International Trade Summit hosted by the ‘Eastern European Institute for Trade. The summit will be held at the Romanian Embassy in Washington, DC, and will host senior officials from the Romanian Ministry of Energy and several other Eastern European countries, including Moldova, Georgia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, etc.

U.S. energy and infrastructure organizations looking to expand their services in Eastern Europe or pursue stronger international business relationships and access will network and engage with high-level stakeholders

The summit will bring together a strong participation of senior officials from the Romanian public and private energy sector from organizations such as:

  • National Energy Regulatory Authority
  • ROMGAZ SA (National Gas Company of Romania)
  • Distrigas SA (Romanian national gas distribution company)
  • SAPE (Romanian public energy fund)
  • HENRO (Trade association representing the interests of companies producing electricity from fossil fuels)
  • DEPOGAZ Ploiesti (Primary gas storage operator in Romania with a share of more than 90% of the total gas storage capacities)
  • Vlasit Consulting (Technical assistance company for RES projects, electrical heating installations)
  • Goicea Consulting (Managed by the former president of the national electricity distribution company Transelectrica)
  • George Sergiu Niculescu (The Romanian Energy Minister will be present virtually to discuss infrastructure and energy business opportunities, and to answer questions.)

The Eastern European Institute for Trade will launch international trade development roundtables, partnerships, joint ventures and working groups which will include ongoing trade collaborations with attending governments as well as national and international trade missions to all aforementioned countries.

EEIT programs to launch:

Black Sea Nations Working Groups:

  • Energy & Infrastructure
  • Critical Infrastructure Technology
  • Renewable energy
  • Carbon capture technology and investment

Partnerships with Black Sea nations:

  • EDO Regional Partnerships: Strategically tailored partnerships to introduce multinational business and commercial partnerships and a “Partner Region” strategy for US and European economic development organizations.
  • Partnerships of professional associations: Partnerships that offer US and European trade associations a solution that provides turnkey multinational trade and business access to their members.

This energy and infrastructure summit offers attendees numerous accelerated opportunities for multinational business development and global expansion to engage in a unique hybrid model that offers direct meetings and collaborations between business and commercial players public and private sectors.

Qualified U.S. business executives and senior executives can attend the summit for free. Space is limited. Register here This summit was made possible through the generous sponsorships of our friends at the US Oil & Gas Association and the Bennet Group.

For more information contact: [email protected]

About Eastern European Institute for Commerce:

Our mission is to act as a strategic channel that provides business enterprises with a reliable, multi-faceted approach and a direct path to accelerated business and economic development between U.S. organizations and our Eastern European allies. Through trade missions, fellowship programs, trade summits, and partnership programs of EEIT’s regional economic organizations and trade associations, we continually raise the bar for meaningful international government relations and multinational business strategies focused on the results.

Media Contact
Company Name: Eastern European Institute for Commerce
Contact person: Media Relations
E-mail: Send an email
Country: United States

Paving the way from innovation to politics Sat, 11 Jun 2022 17:59:38 +0000

“Don’t go where the path can lead, rather go where there is no path and leave a trail.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

For 12 years, The Bridge of Southern New Mexico has been dedicated to innovating, piloting, proving, and then striving to embed what works into policy for the benefit of others over the long term, while setting the stage for scaling up. statewide.

Founded by a group of community leaders in business, economic development, education and government, The Bridge has worked strategically to build relationships, programs and literal “bridges” between institutions of education, labor providers and employers in Doña Ana County.

As a partner in the very early work that led to what is now Ngage and the SUCCESS partnership, The Bridge laser-focused on the high school-college-career portion of the prenatal-career continuum.