Bill Belichick Press Conference 8/2


August 2, 2022

BB: Morning. Second day of camp this week, started well yesterday, obviously a lot to work on. Hopefully we will see an improvement today. We had a chance to go through the film, straighten some things out, guys getting used to being in cushions. It’s a bit different, fundamentally, especially on the inside lines, receivers get hit, DBs jam them, and execution strength and so on. Keep piling these days together and spend some time here and see where we are.

Q: Yesterday I heard you refer to Bill Russell visiting the team about 20 years ago – what do you remember of that visit and what do you remember of Bill Russell?

BB: It was great. Bill is a great person; His comments on leadership, teamwork, selflessness are all outstanding. Very close to Jim Brown, so I got to know him through Jim. Both great people.

Q: Are you satisfied with your current situation at this stage of the camp?

BB: One day in the pads? We have a long way to go.

Q: You had Patrick Chung here yesterday. You have a long line there, Lawyer Milloy, Rodney Harrison – what about that position that kind of evolved to the point where you now have four, five of those strong security guys?

BB: Pat was quite versatile. Pat did a lot for us. We’ll see how other players do. Every player has their own style, and the game has certainly changed a lot over the years, from Lawyer to Rodney to where we are in 2022. But yeah, I’m looking forward to the squad we have. It’s a good band and we have a lot of experience with Devin [McCourty]. Young players like [Joshuah] Bledsoe or Jabrill [Peppers]who hasn’t been here – not that he’s a young player, but he hasn’t been here – and AP [Adrian Phillips]and [Kyle] Dugg[er], so fairly deep group, strong enough group. Excited to work with these guys, see if we can put them all together and see what it’s like.

Q: We saw you working with offensive and defensive lines for one-on-ones yesterday, can you walk us through that process, day one of the pads, what in particular are you working on with them?

BB: I don’t remember, there were a lot of different games. Whatever I saw in that room, I can’t… I don’t know.

Q: Was there a general fundamental?

BB: Yeah, there are a lot of fundamentals, absolutely. That’s really what offensive and defensive line play is all about. It’s 80% of the fundamentals.

Q: What is the remaining 20%?

BB: Recognition, anticipation. I mean, removing the talent part, that’s what it is. There is communication, anticipation, reaction. You line up so far from the guy, it’s all over in a hurry. The fundamentals are essential. The wide receivers, the DBs, they sometimes line up 7, 8 yards apart, that’s a whole different game. Sometimes they’re nose to nose too. They just have a lot more space.

Q: We saw a few guys come back from PUP yesterday, do you expect James White to be able to compete today or this week?

BB: When it’s ready. It’s not my decision. When he’s ready, he’s ready.

Q: What did you see from Devin Asiasi in his third offseason? What progress have you seen?

BB: Devin made a lot of improvements; I think he made a good jump this year too. He’s put in a lot of time, a lot of hard work, and I think that’s reflected in what we’ve seen in the off-season schedule, in spring training, and in training camp so far. Physically it looks good. Mentally, the experience he’s gained and the confidence he’s gained, it shows. We’ll see how it goes as we get into competitive situations and practices that are a bit more padded, we’ll see how it all comes together. It follows well.

Q: With the construction going on inside the stadium, have you started discussing with Cam Achord how different things, including the wind, might impact the kicking game?

BB: Yeah, we definitely talked about it. When we can enter the stadium – we’ve had a lot of concerts and activities here – but when we can enter the stadium and start kicking – that is today or tomorrow, I forget – and then we will train there on Friday, it will give us opportunities to work. Absolutely, I think it will definitely affect the game, definitely affect kicking everywhere, but especially out in the open – whatever end, end, lighthouse end. Absolutely, of course, that will be a factor.

Q: Going back to the answer you gave last week about Nick Folk, is that why there’s more value in having a smart kicker like him who can handle all of those factors that come into play? Game ?

BB: Well, yeah, I mean, there’s a lot to do. Yeah, I think that’s a big advantage for him. There are a lot of good kickers in the league. In the end, it’s all about performance and production. Nick had a lot.

Q: Talking about kickers, production and performance, Jake Bailey is extended – I guess that says a lot about his performance and production?

BB: Yeah, good to have that sorted out. The way the system, the NFL salary system works, in his particular situation, it was kind of unique. We hadn’t really dealt with this before, but eventually with Jake and his agent, Doug Hendrickson, we were able to sort it out, so it was good to do that. Kind of a unique situation, which took some time, but they were great and we had great communication. Long discussions about it, and I think we’ve gotten to a point that everyone is comfortable with. It’s good to do that.

Q: What did you see from Mac last week?

BB: You know, we had a day in the pads there, like I said, we have a lot to work on – everyone. The passing game, which we worked on last week, we were better from Wednesday to Saturday, but this week it’s a bit of a different type of game: first downs, runs, play actions, things we didn’t work on last week. Some things look good, some things need to be cleaned up and executed better, so we’ll see how it goes. Chain together a few days and see where we are. I don’t think you can assess based on a game or a period, and that’s really all we got.

Q: Some players were saying that DeVante Parker was a very good candidate on and off the court – what did you see in that regard, and what caused him to gel here naturally?

BB: We have a long way to go. DeVante made some really good plays, some of the things we ask him to do are different – not sure what he did in Miami exactly, but we had coaches there – Chad [O’Shea]and George [Godsey] – who was here before, but I don’t know how similar it is or not, it doesn’t really matter. But, yeah, he tested positive in the spring and in training camp. But, again, we’ll see how it all fits together. It’s good to have him, it’s great to work with him, we’ll see how it goes. It’s a very competitive position as a receiver, there are a number of players there who have all been productive here or in previous years who are back with the team, or who showed up in the camps we’ve had so far, so let’s see how it all works out.

Q: Going back to the defensive line, what is Henry Anderson looking like so far in training camp after his injury last season?

BB: Good. Henry was a full participant in the offseason program. He did it all from day one: all the lifting, all the running, all the exercises and everything. So I think it’s over.

Q: We haven’t seen Brian Hoyer in a few days. Do you expect him to come back soon or does it seem longer?

BB: No, I expect him to come back soon enough.

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