BA Perfformio students running workshops with primary schools in Cardiff

BA Performio students [Performance] courses at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David recently held Boal training workshops with Cardiff Primary School teachers as a new technique to use in the classroom.

The students held a series of workshops with teachers from Glan Ceubal, Ysgol y Wern, Pencae, Hamadryad, Pwll Coch and Mynydd Bychan schools to teach them the role-playing technique of theater practitioner Augusto Boal. The training aims to facilitate an approach that helps children deal with small challenges that may arise during play or in the classroom.

It is hoped that children and teachers can intervene in the situation by acting on the problem and then hopefully overcome the problem by discussing how it could be solved and what worries them.

Mared Harries, a teacher from Ysgol y Wern said:

“Having visitors to the school always stimulates students’ interest, but having the opportunity to get to know University of Wales Trinity Saint David students and spend time with them playing games drama has certainly meant that students view theater as a fun activity.

“They look forward to experimenting with Boal’s techniques and learning more about them, and we as teachers look forward to seeing how this theatrical approach can be a way for learners to express their concerns and to solve the small daily problems that constantly arise. the Court.”

These workshops have been successful in boosting students’ confidence and teaching them a new set of key skills that prepare them for the future.

David Horgan-Harding, one of the students on the course, said:

“Working with schools I learned a lot about working with children and how to tailor activities to suit their themes and thinking. Over the weeks I also learned about myself and a career I hope to pursue at some point in the future if I want to be a school drama teacher.

Elen Bowman, one of the BA Perfformio course lecturers, said:

“It was such a valuable experience for us as a department to have the opportunity to work with Cardiff Primary Schools on this project. The students had created a detailed workshop in the techniques of global theater maker Augusto Boal.

“The teachers were very keen to immerse themselves in the experience and understand how Boal’s forum theater techniques can be adapted for elementary school children. Fair play towards the children, they are very willing to try the exercises and suggest small daily events that need to be resolved and discussed as a group. As a result, students also benefit from the experience in terms of leadership skills, communicating clearly and gaining more confidence as individuals – essential aspects in the training of an actor.

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