Authors and Philosophers Join to Deliver Self-Evolving Seminar to Plymouth Harbor Retirement Community

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Local philosopher and sociologist Dr Bernard Phillips along with retired Lieutenant Sheriff and ordained minister Thomas J. Savage have joined their minds for co-author Creating life before death: discover your incredible self. The self-help book, rreleased in 2020, its ideas will now be shared and developed by the authors who will organize and present a first-of-its-kind human development seminar starting June 7 at the port of Plymouth, in Sarasota Bay. “Just as biological evolution has moved from single-celled organism to humans over billions of years, personal evolution has the potential to take the individual to heights hitherto unimaginable,” says Phillips . “It’s really about how we can develop ourselves to our full potential.”

As a resident of the Plymouth Harbor Continuing Care Retirement Community, Phillips will integrate fellow residents as well as staff, administrators and managers to be the first to conduct an experiment on the effectiveness of this approach to human development. The 12-week seminar will test to what extent it is possible to teach people to develop their human capacities by taking control of their personal development.

“Nothing like this type of education has been attempted. It incorporates the best of self-help literature while incorporating the most important social discoveries sciences, humanities and biophysical sciences, ”says Andy Plotkin, another of the seminar’s consultants and the third co-author of Create life before death. “Overall, the seminar will show participants how to apply the scientific method to develop all aspects of their personality in order to always lead more fulfilling lives.” Phillips, Savage and Plotkin believe that such growth will occur during this seminar and concludes: “As we learn to take charge of our evolution, we will be able to help alleviate some of the most pressing issues in the world. world, “said Phillips.” We shouldn’t settle for anything less. “

Therefore, SRQ spoke with the book’s co-lead author and lead event organizer to learn more about eEach person’s own set of geniuses intellectual, emotional and problem-solving potentials, which Phillps shares are in fact powerful linguistic tools in our daily lives.

SRQ: Where did the idea for this seminar come from?

Phillips: I had written many tweets with many readers (@Skinofourteeth). But that hadn’t sparked interest in my recently published book with the in-depth interdisciplinary insights needed to help people actually develop the evolving self-images needed to truly solve personal and global issues. I slept on the problem of how I can really get people to take the whole gamut of ideas in the book seriously. Then I woke up with the idea: why not give a seminar where I live in Plymouth Harbor? I have been teachersbeen my whole life, so this thought was natural.

SRQ: Do you think Sarasota is an ideal place, compared to other American cities, to “create a life before death”? How? ‘Or’ What?

Phillips: The fantastic arts community illustrates the importance of recreation here. Retirees have time to develop and others are interested as well. Ringling College might be interested in making a documentary, and New College is a great school that might be interested in helping to reverse the current higher education trade school mantra and return to prominence. liberal arts. But my ideas can be used by everyone in the world, because every individual has incredible potential. My colleagues and I can provide the key to unlocking this potential. We’re not kidding about the power of our unique interdisciplinary knowledge (no one else has ever published anything like it, as shown in the book and two recently published articles in Contemporary sociology, one to appear in a Routledge reader on Mills and the new democracy article I just submitted. We want nothing less than to change the world.

SRQ: What advice would you give to locals on how to best live meaningful lives in a world of growing problems?

Phillips: The first step is to move from pessimism to optimism, a very difficult thing but possible to do. Reading some books can help a bit, like this one by Steven Pinker Illumination Now and my own book and that of Maxwell Maltz The new psycho-cybernetics. But, most important is action, even if all it does is light a small candle – it can be anything, depending on a person’s interests – with family and friends, charity, and even better his exercise and diet. Plus, getting involved in politics can help – letters to the editor, opinion pieces, even running for office. Those interested in my ideas should feel free to write to me. They may be able to help me, and vice versa.

For more information, photographs and interviews, contact Bernard Phillips, Ph.D., at [email protected] or 941-361-5426.

Photo courtesy of Plymouth Harbor on Sarasota Bay

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