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Summer Training Course on the Art of Chinuch for Mechanhim and Mechanchos by Rabbi Levi Feldman, featuring 9 elements of a successful classroom, will debut next week. Full story

“It was two weeks after resuming school in person when I asked the students to pull out their Gemara workbooks and Ari * loudly refused with a ‘No way! A few months earlier, I would have been lost. I would have been upset and didn’t know how to react. It wasn’t just bad behavior; he was disturbing the whole class! But I knew exactly how to turn this sour moment into a sweet moment, ”says rabbi Chanina Freeman, a teacher at the Atlanta CMCH.

“Thanks to seminars on the Art of Chinuch with Rabbi Levi FeldmanI was able to recognize the root cause of Ari’s rash reactions and work with Ari and his parents to channel his energy and give him the tools and guidance to not only stop his disruptive behavior, but also to thrive and flourish. succeed.

Rabbi Freeman is one of the thousands who have attended The Art of Chinuch’s training seminars, conferences and workshops. Rabbi Levi Feldman has become a sought-after speaker and consultant for teachers and schools in Crown Heights and Borough Park in Chicago and England, and more.

“Rabbi Feldman’s training was invaluable,” says Rabbi Fogel, director of the Yeshiva Torah Temimah. “His classroom management techniques were implemented as part of our staff manual. ”

“This course addresses many pressing challenges that a teacher faces both in and out of the classroom,” says Ms. Chavi Rappaport from Toronto. “It provides systematic routines and solutions to everything from lesson planning to delivery and teacher-student interaction.”

Rabbi Feldman bases his lessons on the Hasidic teachings, showing their timeless relevance in the modern classroom. “Some of the challenges we face today are new,” says Rabbi Feldman, “especially after Covid with new anxieties and issues with attention and focus. But having Chassidus as a basis ensures that our methods stay true. to our goals and values. ”

What makes Rabbi Feldman’s classes unique is that he is a full-time teacher who is passionate about his work, sharing what has been tried and tested. He builds his lessons on the basis of current experiences, not only in his own classroom, but also by consulting and sharing his knowledge with hundreds of colleagues. The Art of Chinuch courses are therefore adapted and improved to also meet new challenges as they arise.

“Rabbi Feldman is an amazing communicator with a lot of very creative ideas for dealing with discipline issues, classroom management and lesson planning too!” said the rabbi Mendel Naparstek of Crown Heights. Rabbi Strohli de Borough Park called Rabbi Feldman a great inspiration, saying, “He taught me how to be a true leader in a classroom.

The summer training course includes 9 elements of a successful classroom. This year’s course has been enhanced with a greater emphasis on creating a warm and stimulating environment while maintaining high expectations. Explore how to turn classroom problems into opportunities and how to inspire students to exceed expectations.

“At the end of the year, Ari’s mother said to me, ‘You saved Ari’s life!’ But the truth is, a lot of credit goes to The Art of Chinuch and the tools it gave me to be so successful. “

The Art of Chinuch’s intensive summer training for Mechanchos begins IY ”H on Monday July 12th. Mechanchim’s intensive summer training runs from August 2-12. Registration and more information are available at www.artofchinuch.com.

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