2022 Jack Pine Conference All-League Softball Team

It took a long time for Gladwin softball to get ready.

The Flying G’s, members of the Jack Pine Conference since 2003, won the program’s first JPC Championship in 2022.

Now, eight players who sparked this historic run are honored with recognition from the Jack Pine Conference. Gladwin features three first-team members, two second-team members, and three with honorable mention.

Here’s a look at the 2022 Jack Pine Conference Softball Team.



Delaney Conley of the 2022 Gladwin softball team.


P – Madi Jones, Clare

P – Delaney Conley, Gladwin

C – Maelen Guzman, Gladwin

SI – Alexis Grove, Beaverton

IF – Abby Robinson, Beaverton

SI – Sawyer Gerow, Beaverton

IF – Maddie Cantrell, Gladwin

DE – Grace Simpson, Beaverton

DE – Grace Chinavare, Sanford Meridian

DE – Karlyn Dunn, Sanford Meridian

DE – Savannah Robinson, Clare

OF – Liv Regenfuss, Shepherd

AT – Kendal Holzinger, Sanford meridian

Sawyer Gerow

Sawyer Gerow of the Beaverton softball team.


P – Cadence Augustin, Beaverton

P – Kami Linton, Sanford meridian

C – Savannah Buzzelli, Claire

IF – Kayla Newman, Beaverton

IF – Tessa Kelly, Clare

SI – Taylor Hopkins, Sanford meridian

SI – Erin Breault, Gladwin

SI – Maddy Travis, Farwell

DE – Addie McMillan, Clare

DE – Malea Gardner, Harrison

DE – Samantha Fryzel, Pinconning

AT – Sadie Schuler, Gladwin

Savanna Robinson

Savannah Robinson of Clare’s 2022 softball team.


Beaverton: Hannah Stearns, Jadyn Bair; Clear: Izzy Jones, Grace Davis; Goodbye: Lindsay Esterline, Emma Swarthout, Alana Gaskill; Gladwin: Haley Raymond, Tessa Cameron, Abby Manges; Harrisson: Jaynie Hamilton, Alexis Livingstone; Meridian: Kelsey Merillat, Mackenzie Zdrojewski, Katie Chinavare; Pinconnaison: Madison Shoultes, Geena Gauthier, Katelynn Foor; Shepherd: Moran Bloniarczyk, Isabelle Robinson, Adria Reed

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