For a few years and because of the current economic crisis, many families have real problems to make ends meet. When we talk about ” reaching the end of the month “, we refer to everyday events as usual payments, expenses as basic necessities and even repairs that usually happen to us in our day to day (just like those of a vehicle) and just as necessary .

Need a direct payday loan online? No worries

Good Finance provides financial services in a large number of countries worldwide and has established itself as one of the most important companies in the sector. The specialty of this financial is fast money, whose increasing popularity has also increased in our country. Currently, it offers its services in Spain and grants small credits with great ease.

The well-known ones are fine, but it is always advisable to carry out an exhaustive search to see all the offer in the market as well as to make comparisons of the service. Always in order to choose the one that best explains the conditions and requirements as well as the one that offers the best benefits (interest rates, delay time …).

With a trajectory of more than 30 years and more than demonstrable experience in the non-banking financial sector, they are dedicated to offering fast mini loans to families and individuals with difficulties of liquid money to face the month economically.

Receiving money in our account just 10 minutes sounds great, right? This is possible thanks to this description, here you can learn how to apply for a direct payday loan online. As usual in these types of urgent loans, the application process can be done completely online. In addition, no guarantee or payroll is necessary and you can even get the first free credit up to 200 euros.

How does Good finance work?

First of all, it is a private financial company that has broken into the mini credit market really recently, but which one by its way of working can differentiate it from the others.

His way of working is one of the most transparent. They offer microcredits with a time to return from 30 days (fixed) and amounts from 50 to 700 €, whose total amount to return would be from 65 to 780 €, respectively.

First Credit without Interest up to € 200, following up to € 700. For whom the Good finance mini credits are destined

To grant the requested money, they resort to a previous solvency study where it shows whether or not you can return it. For this credit study, it is necessary to meet some prerequisites such as having an age from € 18 to € 65, having a residence in Spain and a minimum periodic monthly income.

Its main advantages are the speed with which they make the credit deposit (about 24 hours after acceptance) and the fact that if you are recurring customer you can increase in intervals of € 200.


It is necessary to meet some simple requirements to be able to borrow through this financial. First, you must be of legal age and not over 65 years old. You must be a Spanish citizen or resident in Spain, which implies having a DNI or NIE, respectively. Finally, it is necessary to have a bank account in which to receive the transfer, a contact telephone number and an email.

Applications from people who appear on the ASNEF debtor list are not allowed and for the mini credit to be accepted it is necessary to have a minimum monthly income.

Another mini loan that may interest you is Twinero and in case you need more money, you can choose us.

When the first request is made on this website, we are asked for the following documents: a photograph (or copy), scanned identity document, bank card and a receipt paid with said account. All these documents are sent by email.

How and when to return the Loan mini credit?

As they emphasize, it is important that you are aware of whether or not you can return the credit once it has been granted. The best way to get the best deal is to contact them in a negative case, so they can offer you a fully customized solution tailored to your situation.

Otherwise (if you omit their help and delay payment), a 7% surcharge would be made on the amount due (that is, the amount requested plus interest) with a minimum of € 10 and a maximum of 50.

In short, being a company that works with more than 5 international companies, its main advantages are flexibility and close and pleasant deal with the client.