Do you need money today, and want to get it easily, without major complications and without going to the bank?

A few years ago, to get the financing you had to go to a bank branch, present a large amount of documentation and wait for an answer that seemed to never come.

However, at present, this is not the case.

Technological development allows you to request fast credits online 24 hours, presenting the minimum documentation and without changing banks.

We are the payday loans champions


Do you need to get extra money via payday loans? Let us help you.

These products are specially designed to cover specific urgent money needs, for example, when paying the amount of an unexpected bill, repairing your vehicle or financing the purchase of a new washing machine.

Online loans emerged as an alternative to the limited supply of financing from conventional banks since they did not have financial products that would allow the user to use the money urgently.

Online financial institutions have managed to develop a financial product with minimum requirements that, using technological development, allows their users to know the response to their request immediately, so they are able to know if their money has been granted only seconds after sending the request, as well as interest payable, APR, etc.

In addition, you can pay online credits in installments with convenient monthly payments.

Thus, the online credits manage to speed up the usual application process, allowing the user to have quick money and without the need to present a large amount of documentation in many cases unnecessary.

Bankate allows you to compare the best loans and urgent online loans offered by reliable financing entities, and gives you a detailed view of each of the financial services so that you do not have to worry about reviewing all the details.

The Bankate service is free, fast and 100% online.

Our service will show you a completely updated list detailing the advantages and conditions of each of the online credits offered, its interest rates, the period of receipt of the money and the necessary requirements.

What is the difference between Bankate and other financial comparators?

The main difference is that from Bankate we do not tell you only the good, but also the negative aspects: We believe that before applying for an online loan it is necessary that you have all the information at your fingertips, so we also detail the disadvantages associated with each credit new online, for example, if there are hidden fees or fees, APR, interest, and duration.

In other words, choosing the online credit that best suits your needs has never been easier.

If you want to know more about Bankate and its service, you can visit the page About Bankate.

Bankate is a safe and reliable service, which complies with regulations regarding financial comparison services. We are currently present in 9 countries, thanks only to the trust of our users and their satisfaction with the service provided.

Frequently asked questions about online credits

What are the online credits?

Online credits are financial products that are fully requested through the Internet, without having to move from home.

How do online credits work?

Fast online credits work in such a way that they provide customers with urgent money. They help people solve last-minute economic problems.

Do I need to be working to apply for a loan online?

The answer is no. Many of the banking entities that offer fast loans do not ask for payrolls which makes them more accessible.

How much money can I get when I ask for a fast credit online?

The amount will depend on the lender you choose. Normally most offer a maximum of $ 1,000 although there are exceptions as you can see in our list of credits.

How to request a credit online

Bankate aims to facilitate the loan application process as well as provide clear and simple information. To request a credit online you can follow the following steps:

  1. Choose a lender

    Go to the list of credits and choose the loan or lender most convenient for your situation. Click on «View loan»

  2. Decide the amount and complete the process

    You must choose the amount of money you want and complete the process by writing the necessary information.

  3. Credit Acceptance

    Once you have completed the previous step, the bank will study your situation. You will receive a response with your credit information, whether it has been approved or rejected.

  4. Receiving the money

    If your credit has been approved, you will receive the money in your bank account in the next few days. In the case of being a fast credit online, the process will take hours.

What is the difference between a loan and an online credit?

Many of our users regularly ask themselves what is the difference between a loan and a loan, in order to determine the best financing solution for them.

Well, the main difference between an online loan and an online credit is that a loan is a fixed amount that is transferred to the user in a single payment, and that has a specific maturity term, the amount being returned in monthly installments together to interests previously agreed by means of a contract.

However, an online credit gives the user the possibility of using the amount he needs for a period of time until he reaches the limit of the credit that has been established and only paying for the amount that is used.

When is it a good idea to request one or the other?

Very simple: an online loan will be used when we have a need for financing with an established fixed amount, that is when we know for sure how much money we need and we are clear about the purpose of the money.

This is the case when we want to pay an unexpected bill, cover the repair of our vehicle, or go on vacation.

However, a credit will be the right option if we do not know the amount of money that we are going to need, or if payments are going to be made constantly over a period of time. In this sense, if we are going to reform our home or we are going to set up a small business, a line of credit or a business loan will be our ally.

What are the requirements of online personal credits?

By presenting itself as an alternative to the extensive procedure to be followed by traditional banking, online loans are characterized by having minimum requirements and bypassing the bureaucracy associated with the request for financial products.

That is why the necessary requirements for an online credit to be approved are basic:

  1. Be 18 years old at the time of the application
  2. Be a resident in the national territory
  3. Be the owner of an online bank account
  4. Provide an e-mail and mobile phone number
  5. Receive sufficient regular income

Personal credits online without changing banks

There is a belief that the best credit is always the one offered by your bank, however, we would like to confirm that this is not entirely true.

In many cases, online lenders have offers with which you can get a much more profitable credit than your bank can offer you.

For example, online entities are beginning to offer the first free cash withdrawals at the cashier, a period of time having free money (usually a month), or the possibility of having free services such as shopping insurance or programs free.

To achieve all this, you will not need to change banks, so you can keep your bank account as usual, nor will you have fewer guarantees or security when applying for credit online.

Remember that all online lenders located in the national territory are regulated by the Bank of Spain, which does not represent less security or authority than a traditional bank.

This means that you can request an online loan with better conditions and lower interest, and at the same time keep your bank account in your bank for a lifetime. Sounds good, right?

Immediate online credits How long will I have the money?

The objective of online credits is to function as a solution to the need for urgent financing so that in general, entities announce that you will have the money just a few hours after receiving confirmation that your credit has been granted.

However, the time in which you can really have the money available will depend on various factors. For example, if the entity to which you have applied for the loan does not operate with the bank where you have your checking account open, the transfer can take up to 48 hours.

The operation may also be delayed if the documentation you have submitted is incomplete, if the information is missing or if your personal data is incorrect, so you should make sure to send quality copies of your documents and fill out the form correctly.

Online credits without payroll

Online loans without payroll are those that do not require payroll to apply for a loan.

Despite this, it will be necessary to provide data on your income, whether it is a pension, an unemployment benefit.

Therefore, being an autonomous, entrepreneur, part-time worker, being unemployed or being a pensioner is not an inconvenience to get this type of financing.

Online financial institutions take into account other factors when facilitating financing such as:

Alternative income: you must have sufficient periodic income to be able to face the monthly payment of fees, without having to be a payroll.

Before you apply for an online credit without payroll, you should know that they have a higher interest rate for two reasons:

  1. Increased risk of default
  2. Speed ​​of processing

Online installment credits

The lenders have proposed not to exclude any user and that is why they offer online loans in installments.

These entities act as an alternative to traditional banking and do not have problems when granting online loans in installments.

Taking into account a large number of online credits offered, we recommend that you always compare to make sure that you request the credits that adapt to your situation and with the best conditions.

Bankate provides you with a list of credits so you can compare as we present you the best online credits in installments and we detail your requirements, conditions, advantages and disadvantages and, above all, without small print.

As with online loans without payroll, you should receive regular income that will allow you to return the monthly online credit installment on time. Therefore, you must provide documentation that justifies it.

Credits online in 24 hours

Credits online in 24 hours

To get a credit online in 24 hours, you need to have attitude and perseverance.

You can take actions yourself that help financial institutions to approve our loan application faster.

Here are some tips that will help you get a credit online in 24 hours:

  1. You can make the request to several entities. In this way, your chances of getting the credit increase and you can keep the one you answered before.
  2. Be sure to meet all the requirements. If we do not meet all the requirements, the lender will surely deny the request.
  3. Has the necessary documentation prepared? I have prepared all the papers that you must send updated.

If we consider these tips, it is possible that in 24 hours you have the money in your bank account.

Advantages of easy-to-get online credits

Have you ever had the need to obtain financing for a project and did not know where to go?

In this case, easy-to-get online credits represent an easy and fast solution.

In addition, this possibility of financing has many and varied advantages. We present some of them below:

Minimum requirements

One of the great advantages of online loans is precisely that of allowing access to this type of financing to any user.

Unlike traditional banks, where they require the borrower to meet a host of requirements such as a payroll of the last 3 months, the statement of income last year, a guarantor or guarantor at times… to request your credit Online, generally, you will not need to meet any of these requirements.


The second great advantage of online credits, and in part we could say that also its main reason for being, is the speed in its granting. That is why today they are one of the most used alternatives when it comes to urgent financing.

The most common is that the approval of your credit is made in a few minutes to a few hours. There are currently online credits with immediate response, so you will know if your loan has been approved 30 seconds after applying.

Simple procedures

The Bankate service is easy to use, intuitive and available at any time of the day.

That is why we consider that a great advantage of online credits is that you have access to this type of financing without the need to go to a bank office during business hours, which is usually only in the morning.

This way you can make your request comfortably from your computer or mobile phone.   In the same way you will be able to send the necessary documentation.


With online credits, you will not need to ask for a large amount of money that you do not need simply to dispose of it: the objective of online credits is precisely that you can make use of money whenever you need it, wherever and whenever you want.

Disadvantages of online credits

Being an urgent financing service, the repayment interests of an online credit may be higher than those offered by conventional bank loans, which may be the only drawback associated with this service.

However, interest on your credit is calculated based on your credit history, so if you have a good credit history, your credit interests will be lower.

Your best option, whatever the case, is always to compare the different credits offered by each of the online entities and evaluate under what conditions they are offered. In this sense, the free Bankate service helps you with the task and allows you to compare the different offers of the market in a simple way.

Remember that it is important to make comparison prior to the request because in this way you make sure to choose the financial institution that provides you with the money you need, in the term you need and at the lowest possible interest.

In general, online credits are as safe as the credits requested in common banks, although before hiring an online credit you must ensure that it is a safe and regulated entity that will respect your rights as a consumer, as stated by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU).

New credits online and updated

In Bankate we believe that when requesting financing it is very important to keep up to date on the different possibilities that the credit market can offer us.

That is why, as the financial market, our search system is dynamic, which means that it is constantly being updated in order to provide you with the most current information possible.

From Bankate we ensure you offer a wide range of fully updated online credits and with conditions in line with the current credit market.

In addition, the situation of our users and their satisfaction with our work really matters to us. Therefore, we want to help you improve your personal economy through advice in our financial guide.